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Build Your Business Resilience With Forrester’s “The State of Future Fit Technology Strategy, 2022”

Forrester Research, a leading global research and advisory firm, has released their report “The State of Future Fit Technology Strategy, 2022,” and you can get your complimentary copy now.

This report looks at the characteristics that define a future fit technology organization: a customer-obsessed business that is able “to meet future customer and employee needs with adaptivity, creativity, and resilience.”

During periods of uncertainty, a future fit technology strategy can help businesses build their resilience and maintain a competitive advantage. Forrester found that companies committed to a future fit tech strategy grew 1.8x faster than their peers.

Download this complimentary report to:

  • Explore the three IT maturity phases leading to a future fit technology strategy
  • Learn about the three adaptive behaviors that predict future fit maturity
  • See examples of companies that have successfully adopted a future fit tech approach
  • See how you can build momentum by pursuing future fit’s three core drivers

In Forrester’s Future Fit Survey, 2022, we found creative and resilient behaviors integrated into the tech strategies of organizations as they become more future fit—such as prioritizing innovation, enabling collaborative cultures, and ensuring security and privacy.

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