5 Things We Learned From the Bloomfire User Conference 2016

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This year our Bloomfire User conference was held at the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center. As a client success specialist, feedback is something that I am well accustomed to. I am always deep within the platform learning new and interesting things about technology. I talk with clients of varying technical abilities all day every day so it was highly interesting to be able to meet them all face to face in one place. To be able to hear their stories and not just their bug fixes and feature requests made me and the entire Bloomfire team feel a lot more connected to our user audience. Here are some of the things that I learned from the conference…

1. There is no wrong way to use Bloomfire

From Insperity to Livestrong, a wide scope of minds from many unique spaces stood up and spoke about how their teams were implementing Bloomfire to make workflows (and ultimately work lives) better streamlined, more organized, and hyper collaborative. Myself and the entire Bloomfire team expressed just how rewarding it was to witness, firsthand, not only the diversity of our client base, but the numerous ways in which Bloomfire is utilized within each organization to solve numerous problems. From training to sales enablement to just plain unabashed fun, Bloomfire can fit its way into any crowd.

2. Made by millennials, approved by millennials

We startups tend to bind together. Terrance from Spothero illuminated this best when he mentioned how much his company expected a rise in engagement simply because Bloomfire supported animated gifs. Now, we didn’t strut through space and time when we decided to incorporate the kinds of features that would allow for an enjoyable user experience, but Bloomfire thinks outside of the box when it came to facilitating a social and collaborative arena, that perfectly marries the couple of work and play. Given the ability to interact with members and content through “high fives,” images, PDF’s, documents, videos, and more – Bloomfire is on a continual mission for advancement and thoughtful development, all with you in mind. Speaking of which…

3. The focus on perpetual forward movement is evident

We’ve all worked for those companies that refused to change their antiquated ways even if it was obvious that these old methods were no longer proving effective. Bloomfire is the polar opposite and takes a perceptive approach to new challenges. In order to provide the best possible solutions to current clients as well as innovating into future markets, every single member on our team refuses to live within their comfort zone. The dedicated, tight knit teams thrive best in a place of constant metamorphosis and creative innovation. And even if it poses risk, the group is willing to do whatever it takes to create something outstanding.

4. We found new ways to maximize our experience

In Chad Schexnayder’s speech, “The Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Bloomfire” we discovered that you can link to anywhere within Bloomfire and beyond through the use of a promo bar, customizing your notifications will save you a lot of time deleting unwanted emails, and cross posting is available on group and community levels. In addition to all of these advantageous yet sometimes overlooked features, you’re also able to customize the URL of your community, get custom analytics reports, search smarter with Boolean Search, reply to contributions without ever needing to leave your inbox, and so much more. Which leads me to my last thought…

5. Bloomfire listens

At Bloomfire, client feedback is always taken seriously. That’s why, for the user conference interactive breakout session, attendees were asked to build their dream analytics environment. Currently, Bloomfire is in the process of reimagining a brand new analytics area and the advice being taken is coming straight from the folks who are in the platform most.
For more information on our annual Bloomfire user conference, email info@bloomfire.com and to see all of the fun that we had this year check out pictures from the event. To all of this year’s attendees, thank you for all of your amazing feedback, we can’t wait to see you all next year!

July 12, 2016

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