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This post is part of a series of profiles on some of our favorite knowledge management, social business, and employee engagement experts.

Are you a full time blogger/author? 
I’m a futurist, analyst, and writer, and I dedicate a lot of time to the activities that underlie my work: research, writing, speaking, and so on.

What are your hobbies?
I am quite active in public affairs in Beacon NY where I live. I am on the Beacon Democratic Committee, serve on the city’s Trails Committee, and write a blog advocating a more pedestrian and bike-friendly city, called I love to cook, and I think that cinema is the highest form of art.

What do you find interesting about the social media/social business space? 
The world of work is changing at an astonishing pace, based on three forces. The exploding scale of computing, in people’s hands and in the cloud, is one of the factors speeding the world up. That also impacts the workforce, which is increasingly distributed, decentralized, and discontinuous. And complexity of the economy and the tempo of competition have pushed us into a vastly different present than the past we have left behind. Social business is one factor — one toolkit — that plays in the new world of business, but there are a number of other complementary techniques and tools.

What advice can you share about utilizing social tools to leverage workplace learning?
There are a growing number of tools that help different sorts of learning in the business. For example, there have been a number of simple to use feedback gathering tools that have emerged recently, like 15five and TINYpulse — that allow managers to learn about employee sentiment. Likewise, ideation and innovation solutions can dramatically increase the rate and effectiveness of strategic learning.

What are three of your favorite blogs (or social media accounts) and why?
I like to follow the ‘Tech’ topic inside of Tumblr. It’s a curated stream of the best tech writing on Tumblr, and it never fails. That’s like the equivalent of 30 blogs. I also use Flipboard to negotiate my Twitter stream, because I follow too many accounts to actually keep up. I really don’t follow many people on a daily basis, aside from a few futurist philosophers, like Umair Haque, Paul Higgins and Bruce Sterling.

Follow @stoweboyd on Twitter and check out his blog,, to learn more. 

October 28, 2013

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