Bloomfire Breaks Down Communication Silos at International Consumer Electronics Company

Jasco Products Company  develops, markets and distributes GE branded consumer electronics. The privately held company in Oklahoma City employs over 270 people around the world with offices in China, Atlanta, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Information Siloed in Departments and Time Zones

As Jasco grew, information became siloed within departments, which affected the company’s ability to make informed decisions that benefitted the overall company. Employees wasted hours of time asking for information from other departments or offices in different parts of the country.

“We needed a new way to share information across departments and with people around the world no matter where they are,” said Marisa Honomichl, Vice President of Marketing. “With the sales teams on the road and departments spread out across the world, email was not an effective means of communicating on important subjects. We needed a new platform that would enable us to share knowledge with other departments and work in collaboration rather than as separate entities.

The Search for an Intranet-Like Solution

Honomichl began exploring solutions that were similar to intranets she had used at previous jobs. And then she discovered Bloomfire.

“Bloomfire was the most fun, interactive, and user-friendly solution out there,” she said. “It was more social as opposed to the work or drudgery of sharing information across multiple platforms. I also looked at two custom solutions, but they would have required additional IT support on our side.”

Spreading Organically

Jasco began rolling out Bloomfire to a test group of about 50 people. Employees were asked to experiment with the platform by sharing information with other departments.

Bloomfire was used first by senior management, followed by marketing, and later by product management and sales.  Once started, Honomichl said Bloomfire began to proliferate on its own throughout the organization.

“It’s spreading in usefulness every day. The more people we add, the faster the content grows and the more people use it, and love it,” she said. “I no longer have to advocate for Bloomfire – users are now doing the advocating for me.”

Catering to How People Communicate

Part of Bloomfire’s popularity at Jasco comes from its ability to cater to the way people communicate, whether they like to present over videos, share links or produce and share reports.

“I like the fact that I can post screencasts because a lot of what I do is digital marketing,” Honomichl said. “Instead of talking others through a presentation with links, I can show them my screen and walk them through it. It’s really unique to Bloomfire. No other solution offered this level of interaction. Plus some of the posting is pure fun. And people feel connected.”

The Bloomfire solution has also reduced Jasco’s dependence on IT support. As a SaaS solution, there’s no need to deploy the product on employee PCs or the company’s servers. Jasco’s HR likes the program because it’s private, easing their concerns about security.

Putting Everything in One Place

But the most noticeable difference has been the ability for employees to locate data across department lines, instead of emailing for answers or updates. Everything is in one place.

“The biggest savings has been that our employees no longer have to wait for answers,” Honomichl said. “It’s probably saved our category management team weeks in wait time because many of those team members are offsite. Now we no longer have to wait for someone to log in at a different time zone. The information is right there at our fingertips.”

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