CMSWire: Facebook Thinks You’ll ‘Like’ Enterprise Collaboration

Bloomfire Admin
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Bloomfire CEO Bob Zukis is quoted in this CMSWire article about the idea of creating a version of Facebook for the enterprise. An excerpt:

As for the concept of cloning Facebook in the enterprise, some are not fans.

Bob Zukis, CEO of Austin, Texas-based Bloomfire, an enterprise collaboration provider, told CMSWire that Facebook, in its current form, isn’t a collaboration tool. It was designed, he told us, as a personal communications platform.

“And even as a communications tool, it’s not a great one in the context of work,” Zukis said. “Because there are already better communication options that employees have in the workplace that are more effective at helping them get their jobs done — email, the telephone, meetings, etc. The promise that you could get rid of email with a Facebook-like communications thread was flawed from the beginning.”

“We’ve seen that merely cloning Facebook, which is what the early social enterprise software firms did, and hoping this is something employees find useful to get things done, didn’t work,” Zukis said. “Employee adoption with these tools can be very low. The one thing employees are good at is ignoring tools that don’t help them get their jobs done.”

Facebook Thinks You’ll ‘Like’ Enterprise Collaboration

July 28, 2014

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