Dun & Bradstreet’s Customer Success Story

Today, Bloomfire is proud to share Dun & Bradstreet’s customer success story – . Below are highlights from the case study, which can be accessed in its entirety here.

“We wanted to bridge the gap between the technical teams who were creating our D&B Direct API and the engineers on the sales side,” Zadik said. “The goal was to reduce the redundant questions and offer a searchable place to proactively share information.”

Zadik searched the web for a solution that would combine the benefits of a forum, a question-and-answer engine, and a community. He wanted a tool that was easy to use, and supported sharing multiple types of content, including video. The solution needed to enable sharing among and between groups, and give users the option to answer questions through email and a mobile application.

Now, Zadik’s sales engineering colleagues check Bloomfire before contacting him or others on the product management and development teams to answer technical questions from customers. Sales engineering team members are accelerating the potential to close deals faster; they are able to find answers to questions that would previously have taken valuable time to track down.

Bloomfire frees the Dun & Bradstreet product and sales team to spend more time focusing on building relationships with their prospects and clients, rather than tracking down information.

Printer-friendly PDF of Dun & Bradstreet case study

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