Increase Employee Engagement By Aligning Teams Around Your Company and Product Vision

Bill Tole
Bill Tole
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Like gears in a machine strong communication aligns teams

I’m constantly trying to better understand how to drive company performance. I’ve read articles and books, met with CEOs, tested various theories I’ve read, and more. Many articles discuss creating the right culture — a culture of driven individuals that work together as a team. But how do you unite team members to foster a culture of achievement? I believe the key is communication. Stellar company communication has several key benefits.

First, strong company communication ensures that everyone is on the same page with respect to goals and progress. Everyone understands the product vision and roadmap. Sales and marketing understand the quarterly goals and progress toward those goals.

Why is this important? Studies have shown that strong communication increases employee engagement. And employees that are engaged are far more likely to stay with their company and more vested in its success. The more transparent the communications, the more tied to the company the employees feel.

But how do you foster strong communications, particularly top-down communications that ensure everyone in the company understands the company vision? With small companies, the answer is far simpler. Some companies are small enough that the whole company can get into a room together to review the mission and vision — and even discuss the tactics of getting there. At larger companies, however, communication is much more complex and fraught with potential risk. If you have five layers on a marketing team — from the CMO down to the just-out-of-school coordinator — you risk the same distortion of message we see in the telephone game we played as kids. The message becomes more garbled as it trickles from one person to the next.

Many factors can help ensure strong communication throughout the organization — from hiring excellent communicators to having a compelling message to deliver. But one that is often overlooked is the role unifying your team around your product vision can play. For Bloomfire, our mission is to help people find the information they need do to their jobs. And we use our own knowledge sharing platform as a way to unify the company not only around our messaging but also around our product vision to ensure it is understood by all.

Others may use other software tools like an intranet that allow for cross-functional communication of company goals and product vision.

No matter what size company you’re a part of, you must increase employee engagement through a company-wide understanding of your company and product vision. Look for a good knowledge management platform to help you achieve this goal and to better align your teams.

April 5, 2017

Harness The Power Of Knowledge Sharing With Digital Transformation

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