Case Study: Bloomfire Powers MomentFeed’s Partner Program


Tech startup MomentFeed enables national brands to connect and engage with the communities they serve as if they were a local mom and pop store. Founded in 2010, the California-based company set out to address the convergence of social, mobile, and local by unifying social sites such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, Yelp, Twitter, and Foursquare for management down to the local level, on a global scale.

By synchronizing the digital information surrounding a brand’s physical locations, national brands can engage with consumers with hyper-local targeting, dynamic location-specific messaging, complete location data management, social media engagement and measurable business results.

The Challenge

To maintain its rapid growth, MomentFeed needed an efficient means to launch its channel program and train marketing partners. Eoghan Geoghegan, MomentFeed’s business development director, was tasked with launching and managing the program on his own with no additional resources. As the partner program grew, Geoghegan found himself spending more time answering questions from new partners and less time introducing MomentFeed’s platform to prospective partners.

The company initially relied on email as its main form of communications, while considering file-sharing sites like Dropbox and SugarSync. However, that approach became inefficient and resulted in lost and outdated files. They needed a platform that would allow them to quickly and consistently communicate information, decreasing their dependency on email.

The Search

Fortunately, the solution was already at work in the company’s HR department. Bloomfire was being used to speed the onboarding process by giving all new employees easy access to company information and training materials. Geoghegan thought that if Bloomfire could quickly get new employees up to speed, it could probably do the same for new partners.

“Bloomfire was working quite well for us as an employee training and enablement tool,” he said. “So we reached out to Bloomfire and discovered its channel management program. I got a couple of demos about how we could use the Bloomfire knowledge base for channel management and we’ve been thrilled with how easy it was to solve our needs.”

The Solution

MomentFeed launched a Bloomfire partner portal for eight marketing partners. Bloomfire’s channel management solution provides MomentFeed’s partners with a dedicated repository of information they can access anytime they have questions or need materials.

“Anything that I put into Bloomfire is accessible to everyone,” Geoghegan said.

“When any of our partners log in, they see a comprehensive library of information. So they get what they need when they need it, which makes them feel valued. And when alerts are sent out with updated materials, everyone gets the same information at the same time. This has the additional benefit of keeping MomentFeed top of mind for our partners, which is good because it helps them remember to sell our services.”

“We made Bloomfire an official part of the program agreement,” Geoghegan added. “MomentFeed is responsible for providing as much new information as possible to our portal, while our partners agree to refer to the portal first for any common questions.”

The Results

Bloomfire sped the rollout of the MomentFeed partner program by quickly ramping up all of the company’s new partners at the same time. Geoghegan said the new partner portal enables MomentFeed to easily scale with the company’s growth while measuring the effectiveness of its materials and participation of its partners.

Because Bloomfire allows unlimited access or seats to the portal, Geoghegan says he can open it to new partners as they’re added to the program.

Bloomfire’s analytics help Geoghegan understand which materials are used the most and how often partners engage with MomentFeed’s portal. The information helps him decide what materials to develop and how to make them more effective.

“If I’m finding, for example, that a simple MomentFeed product demo is the thing that most people are logging into, then it makes sense to put it in a more prominent place on the portal where even more people can find it,” he said. “The faster I can gauge and respond to their needs with relevant information, the faster they’ll come to trust and depend upon the portal.”

Bloomfire also reduces email traffic, which enables Geoghegan to spend less time responding to the same questions over and over again and more time expanding the channel program. Even without the day-to-day touch over email, he said partners feel valued by MomentFeed’s ability to provide fast access to the information they need to be successful.

“Anything that is hot off the presses from the marketing team is unleashed on the entire partner community at the same time, which makes them all feel really important.” Geoghegan said. “I’m just a one-person partner management team. But because Bloomfire is so easy to use, the process of getting updated information out to our partners and ensuring their success is about as easy as it could possibly be.”

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