Bloomfire Features

Bloomfire’s collaboration software is a flexible, easy-to-use solution that connects employees to other employees as well as to the applications and information they need to get their job done.

Advanced Reporting & Analytics

Bloomfire’s online collaboration tools arm you with valuable business data to help you understand how information is shared in your company. Learn More ›

Crowdsourced Q&A

Crowdsourced Q&A software so you can answer FAQs once (and only once). Learn More ›

Full Mobile Access

Bloomfire’s mobile app allows for truly anytime, anywhere collaboration and knowledge sharing. Learn More ›

Gamification & Employee Recognition Tools

Bloomfire’s social gamification features make it easy to give employee recognition and ignite engagement. Learn More ›

Intelligent Search

Enterprise search capabilities make it fast and easy to find documents, experts and answers. Learn More ›


Bloomfire’s online collaboration tool provides admins with extensive moderation capabilities across all communities, sub-communities and groups. Learn More ›

Out-of-the-Box Integration

We are focused on helping you achieve the best employee productivity. Bloomfire’s out-of-the-box product integrations streamline the way people work. Learn More ›

Personal Recommendations

Bloomfire lets you easily recommend content to other users, ask an expert to answer a question and share content directly via email. Learn More ›

Real-time Notifications

Collaboration software with customizable email notifications, a personalized feed, and real time in-app notifications ensure you never miss out on anything. Learn More ›

Rich Content Creation and Curation Tools

Bloomfire’s rich authoring capabilities make it easy and fun for users to interlace multiple types of content together to create deep context around knowledge. Learn More ›

Series Playlist

Quickly and create a virtual playlist for training new employees, customers or partners on a specific topic. Learn More ›

Site Branding Options

Match your company brand with easy-to-use configuration options and choose the site template that best matches the way your company organizes information with online collaboration tools. Learn More ›

Web Bookmarklet Tool

With Bloomfire, sharing web content is beyond simple. One click is all it takes — we do all the rest. Learn More ›

Your Feed

Your Feed is the primary place where you can browse the questions and content that is most relevant to your interests. Learn More ›