Rich Content Creation and Curation Tools

Content is King and Video is the New Black

The ability to effortlessly create and share multimedia content in an instant inspires knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Enterprise video today unlocks increased productivity through enhanced collaboration, communication and enablement. It catalyzes significant cost reduction and repurposing of time and effort, while also empowering teams to create a highly effective channel through which employees and customers can be engaged as never before.

Use the HD webcam video creator, slick HD screencaster, and native text editor directly within Bloomfire- no other software required. Numerous studies show the benefit of using video to engage people, but up to now, producing and sharing videos has been reserved for teams of people with ample time and budget. No more.

  • Text Editor
  • HD Screencaster
  • HD Webcam Video Creator

Native Video Screenshot

Bloomfire’s rich authoring capabilities make it easy and fun for users to interlace multiple types of content together to create deep context around knowledge assets.

Multi Content Post Screenshot