Bloomfire Security and Redundancy

Bloomfire uses comprehensive and advanced security technology to maximize the safety and security of our customers information. Bloomfire implements strict security controls aimed at protecting each user.

Hundreds of organizations and thousands of users across multiple industries including financial services, retail, direct marketing and technology depend on Bloomfire to keep their information secure within our robust architecture. To that end, we apply stringent security controls in all layers ranging from facilities (physical security) to network infrastructure (network security), IT systems (system/host security) and information and applications (application security).

All communication to and from Bloomfire’s servers is done over robust industry standard 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption to our secure cloud platform. On top of that, Bloomfire does not have access to any passwords as they are filtered from our logs and are stored in an encrypted format in the database.
Bloomfire has partnered with Amazon Web Services, a SAS70 TYPE II certified organization for its cloud-hosting platform. This platform ensures locked down, privately known locations and uses multiple security layers to prevent unauthorized access to the hardware and infrastructure. You can read more about the security measures taken, and view certificates at their Security and Compliance Center.

We treat uptime very seriously at Bloomfire, and provide secure redundancy throughout our infrastructure, including multiple instances and data centers to maintain a secure and reliable service for our customers and partners.

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