U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association Northern Division Streamlines Communications with Bloomfire

USSA Northern Division was challenged by getting volunteers the information they needed to ensure they were fully prepared for each task they were assigned.

Bloomfire’s Q&A engine gives volunteers direct access to knowledge experts…

The U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association Northern Division (“USSA Northern Division”) is a non-profit organization for alpine ski and ski racing dedicated to providing helpful resources to parents, officials, and coaches.


The USSA Northern Division relies on parent volunteers to play a key role in the organization, supporting daily operations, competitions, and special events. The challenge for USSA Northern Division was getting all of the parent volunteers the information they needed, when they needed it to ensure that operations go off without a hitch.

“We are challenged by connecting the know-how of volunteers who are stretched across 700 miles,” said Dave Bayless, USSA Northern Division parent-volunteer. “A huge hurdle to overcome is effectively keeping parents informed and educating them in an efficient manner. Over time, the demands placed on race organizers has steadily increased, which requires even more from volunteers in terms of skill and participation. The last thing we want to do is make it difficult for them to give their time by requiring them to drive across the state in order to get access to expertise.”

Specifically, USSA Northern Division needed to ensure that each volunteer had instant access to current forms and documentation and that there was a fast and easy way for one of their knowledge experts to answer any questions that the volunteers may have. “Like any sport, the jargon associated with skiing requires a certain learning curve. We needed a way to share our very specific knowledge with the volunteers in a manner that was easy to use for everyone.”

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Before implementing Bloomfire, USSA Northern Division did what so many organizations do and tried to hack together a solution using Google Sites and other “not-quite-built-for-this” tools to solve their knowledge-sharing problem. While easy to use compared to most content management systems, Google Sites still required a technical resource to post or change all content, creating a bottleneck and slowing progress. Plus, it offered no solution at all for asking and answering questions. A process that fell to one-off email communications, resulting in unanswered questions, repeated questions, and slow response times.

Wanting to provide a better experience for volunteers and improve USSA Northern Division’s ability to provide better resources across the board, Bayless set out to find a better solution. During his search, he discovered Bloomfire.


Specifically designed for simplicity, Bayless recognized instantly that Bloomfire would be a hit with volunteers. With a few clicks, content can be uploaded and shared with volunteers. The added ability to search for information and comment on posted content gives USSA Northern Division exactly what they’ve been looking for – a community where knowledge sharing is simple and engaging.

Bloomfire’s question and answer engine gives volunteers direct access to knowledge experts who can type out a quick answer or create an on-the-fly video to actually show volunteers how to do something rather than just tell them. “Bloomfire provides us with an informal, spontaneous way to collaborate without a lot of overhead,” said Bayless. “Making the content and experience more engaging with multimedia features opens up all kinds of opportunities for us in working with our volunteers.”

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