Bloomfire Empowers Tealium Customers and Partners with Socially-Enabled Q&A Engine

Tealium is the leader in enterprise tag management and digital data distribution. Our market-leading solutions help marketers streamline their digital marketing operations, power their big data initiatives, and maximize revenue through real-time marketing optimization.

The Challenge

Online tag management and efficient digital marketing helps companies generate millions of dollars in qualified leads and awareness. However, marketers operate in fast-paced environments where they quickly respond to market changes, creating questions that require quick answers.

When Tealium’s customers need help learning how to get the most value out of Tealium iQ, they turn to a small education and support team headed up by Clint Ivy, Tealium’s senior director of education.

Before using Bloomfire, Ivy and his team assisted and educated customers through a traditional wiki. When their customers couldn’t find answers on the wiki, they called the support team.

“The problem with our wiki was that the content was stale, and it was kind of a ghost town in terms of the content,” Ivy said. “Internally, it was difficult to get documentation into the wiki and keep it up to date. And it didn’t easily support a Q&A engine or multimedia very well. This led customers to pick up the phone or email us every time they couldn’t figure out how to do something”

Ivy decided to replace the wiki with a new platform that both customers and employees could share. He sought one that improved the way the company managed information, including the ability to upload and distribute videos and support a Q&A engine.

“One of the big draws of a Q&A engine was to reduce the number of support calls. If our customers could find answers in a learning community, that would be one less expensive phone call we needed to answer,” he said.

The Search

Ivy was looking for a SaaS-based solution with social media capabilities that Tealium could use to create and manage multi-dimensional content, including videos, podcasts and infographics.

“The social aspect of Bloomfire was important to us because we could interact with people on a personal level,” he said. “Additionally, the Q&A engine was really attractive. Rather than having a FAQ document, I can source the questions that are most popular or most recent and share those with customers and employees.”

The Solution

Tealium selected Bloomfire to build two knowledge base communities. One is for Tealium employees and the other is for customers and partners. The latter community is called the Tealium Learning Community, which has more than 1,200 members.

“We cross-pollinate content between the internal to external community when appropriate and use the Tealium Learning Community to interact with our customers in a way that’s not ticket ­based or support based. It’s more of an Ask the Expert model,” he said.

Unlike the wiki, Bloomfire provides Tealium with simple templates that are less intimidating and encourage employees and customer to contribute content.

“I don’t have to worry about training people to use document templates.” Ivy said. “It’s more about enabling all of the subject matter experts in the company to create content rather than extracting content from them. I can leverage resources more quickly to create more content.”

The Results

With Bloomfire, Tealium has replaced a stale wiki that is difficult to update with a social platform that shares updated content created by customers, partners, and employees. Encouraging and enabling others to contribute content enables Ivy to keep information fresh and relevant.

The Q&A engine helps customers and partners find answers on their own, decreasing demand on Tealium’s customer support team. And the flexible architecture of Bloomfire integrates with Tealium’s social media capabilities and mobile app, making it easier for customers to find and use.

“I think the Bloomfire platform is incredibly powerful,” Ivy said. “I love organizing related content in a linear progression. I like that I can publish across communities very simply. We think the ability for everyone who uses Bloomfire to organize content in a way that’s meaningful to them is outstanding.”

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