Bloomfire Provides Alternative to Childcare Network’s Aging Intranet

Childcare Network started in 1988 with two schools in Columbus, GA. Today, it’s the fifth largest private child care provider in the United States, consisting of over 200 schools in 10 southern states with 24,000 children enrolled.

The Challenge

When Stephanie Forsberg, Childcare Network Director of Marketing and Training, first heard of Bloomfire, the company had stretched its internal website beyond its capacity to serve employees. Her CEO, Scott Cotter, had heard about Bloomfire from other CEOs and encouraged her to look into it.

“I had no idea what Bloomfire offered,” Forsberg said. “But as I learned about the product, I quickly realized that this was the solution to replace our internal site. Our old site had become difficult to manage and navigate, which caused our employees a lot of frustration. The timing was perfect.”

The Search

After evaluating Bloomfire, they decided to look no further.

“We chose Bloomfire because it allows us to house all our internal documents, policies, procedures, forms and training materials on one site. The ability to search by topic makes it easy to find what you are looking for. We also liked that it provided an easy way for our school directors to ask questions online,” Forsberg said.

The Solution

Bloomfire quickly began to serve as the new site for hundreds of Childcare Network employees to find the information they needed to do their jobs. Nearly 800 documents have been transferred from the internal site to the Bloomfire knowledge base. Forsberg says this has made it easier to train field staff and managers.

“We are now using Bloomfire to send out new policies, procedures or reminders of how to do something with the needed forms attached,” she said.

The Results

Forsberg said, “Bloomfire is helping Childcare Network employees find the answers they need, when they need them, reducing calls to the corporate office.  The transition from the internal site to Bloomfire has been easy, with employees quickly catching on.”

“The ability to load a document and attach related forms is very simple, and it was easy to train our authors how to use it,” she said.  “For the field staff, they love how easy it is to search for something and find what they need to run their school.”

With Bloomfire, each department manager can load and post their own forms and documents, which was not possible with the company’s old internal site. Bloomfire also enables them to include links to other frequently used sites.

Forsberg said, “The greatest satisfaction comes from knowing they are listening and responding to employee needs and making their work easier in the process. “Many of them have emailed me personally to tell me ‘thank you for Bloomfire!’”

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