Agile Staffing and Consulting Saves $75K with Bloomfire

Agile is an innovative IT staffing and consulting firm that helps technology leaders speed their time to talent by connecting great people with great opportunities. Based in Atlanta, the company has over 50 employees, including a presence in Jacksonville, Florida. Their staff includes an internal operations team, recruiters, and salespeople.

High Growth Leads to Rethinking the Training Process

Agile was in a high growth mode – they were hiring new employees and supplementing their staffing with contractors and partners during peak seasons.

The first challenge they wanted to tackle was to replace the training manual – which was three inches thick. It required exorbitant printing costs every time it needed to be revised and printed manual didn’t make sense anymore for their business model. Every time a new employee started with Agile, the previous training manual was already out of date.

Agile also lacked consistency in how new hires were being trained. They needed a seamless solution that would give all employees the same accurate, updated information. Lastly, Agile was looking to grow their team geographically and was in search of a platform that allowed them to do so.

The Search for a Flexible, Content-Focused Solution

Agile considered multiple options before choosing Bloomfire. They looked at SharePoint as well as LMS systems such as Litmos and ReThink Learning. However, they found that Bloomfire was the only solution that met all of their needs in one platform.

SharePoint would have required a significant resource investment to meet the company’s training needs. It also lacked a video capture tool that is essential in fulfilling their content creation requirements. The LMS tools only provided document sharing, putting limitations on different training avenues. Ultimately, Agile selected Bloomfire for its ease-of-use in creating and maintaining content.

“We felt that Bloomfire was a Facebook meets Pinterest for business,” said Agile’s CEO, Tricia Dempsey.

A One Stop Shop for Business Knowledge

Agile implemented Bloomfire to solve their pain points related to training and has realized benefits beyond their expectations.

All of the content from their training manual is now in Bloomfire, making it easy to make changes and constantly keep the document updated for new hires. Bloomfire allows them to create series of content that can be consumed in one sitting or reviewed on a need-to-know basis.

“We set up communities for external contractors that allowed us to put a series together to let new hires know what information they would need to work with us. We could walk people through it one time and they could refer back to it five times. It saved so much time internally,” Dempsey said.

The management team also has private communities in Bloomfire that allow them to share more sensitive information. Aside from solving their original training problem, Agile has found Bloomfire valuable in helping train employees on using their recruiting and applicant tracking software.

“The software we use for recruiting has a host of nuances – it’s not intuitive and is very clunky from a UI perspective. We have created videos for everything we do there. Now, when people need to know how to do something with the software, they refer to the video in Bloomfire,” said Dempsey.

Lastly, Bloomfire aids Agile in helping record how they would like employees to pitch their services to potential customers. They can record it in Bloomfire, update in real-time, and refer back to it when needed.

Faster, Self-Paced Training Saves Time and Money

“People are trained seven days faster on average, which is a huge cost savings. We built Bloomfire before we needed it for geographic regions. We now have people throughout the country who need an online training platform. We have built a 40-person office and this is the platform we need to grow and maintain our value of excellence,” said Dempsey.

Agile has also realized considerable time savings in the uniformity of content in Bloomfire. There is no longer confusion surrounding inconsistent content, which has minimized the interruptions to operations staff.

Since implementing Bloomfire, Agile has allowed over a dozen new employees to learn at their own pace. They have also been able to eliminate the need for an admin resource and part time trainer, saving the company over $75,000 annually.

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