The Miracle Foundation Accelerates Team Development Overseas with Bloomfire

The Miracle Foundation transforms the lives of orphan children and empowers them to reach their full potential by revolutionizing the way orphanages are run, funded, and managed.  Founded in 2000, this rapidly growing nonprofit organization based in Austin, Texas works to improve the international standard of orphan care. The Miracle Foundation currently supports more than 600 children living in orphanages in rural India, and has exciting plans for expansion in the next year.

Many orphanages in India are overcrowded, dilapidated, and filled with corruption, neglect and abuse. But with the help of Miracle Foundation employees in Austin and a growing team in India, orphanages are being transformed into loving homes.

“When we come into orphanages, we often encounter wardens and shift workers,” said Niyoshi Mehta, Program Manager at the Miracle Foundation. “We bring in additional housemothers and teach them how to raise children. And now we’re expanding this practice to orphanages in other countries, beyond India.”

The Challenge

To continue making positive change in India from Austin, The Miracle Foundation is expanding its team in the region, growing recently from four to 14 employees with plans for several additional new hires. They needed a way to remotely train new employees on practices and techniques that improve orphanage living conditions. The organization also had to teach the orphanage staff how to input and manage content in their Salesforce database, which houses medical information on children and data on donors and caregivers.

“We have a lot of information in Salesforce,” Mehta said. “From the beginning, we wanted to make sure our team in India was comfortable using the database regularly. They needed help understanding what data to put in, how to enter it correctly, and how to manage the information.”

The Search

The Miracle Foundation discovered Bloomfire through its COO, Elizabeth Davis, whose background included work with tech startups. Davis and Mehta thought Bloomfire could help the Miracle Foundation develop an online learning community with documents and videos to train employees in India from Austin. They began putting Bloomfire to the test in late 2012.

The Solution

The Miracle Foundation uploaded volumes of videos and training programs for new employees into their Bloomfire community. With easy access to this information, new employees quickly got up to speed on the organization’s practices, policies and methodologies, showing them what to look for when visiting orphanages, how to interact with children, and how to enter information into Salesforce.

“We’ve given our employees the opportunity to learn about The Miracle Foundation on their own,” Mehta said. “Bloomfire provides them with self-paced learning programs that they can complete online. If they have a question, they can login and learn what to do on their own.”

Because of the vast scope of the organization’s methodology, they have created a large number of videos and materials. The “Life Skills” program alone includes 14 modules. With so much material to cover, Mehta says that Bloomfire makes it easier to search and find the right one for the task at hand.

“What’s amazing about Bloomfire is its multimedia and search capabilities,” Mehta said. “We create series that include documents, presentations and videos. Bloomfire makes it easy to organize the content and enables us to see who has viewed it and when.”

The Results

As The Miracle Foundation began using Bloomfire to host its videos and materials, employees in India became more comfortable using the Salesforce database. Salesforce tutorial videos on Bloomfire showed them how to add a new child or housemother to the database, and how to make changes to medical records.

“Salesforce plays a huge role in how we track donors, children and caregivers, which is critical to our operations,” Mehta said. “And thanks to Bloomfire, our employees in India are using it more.”

Bloomfire has also enabled the organization to reduce its dependency on paper, converting most content to videos. However, its biggest impact is seen in the employee onboarding process, which used to take months to complete. With Bloomfire, the Miracle Foundation has been able to reduce that time by up to three weeks.

“Bloomfire makes everything more simple. It keeps us all in alignment even though we’re working on two different continents,” Mehta said. “It allows us to make sure that everyone is using the same documents when they’re being trained as we hire new team members or start working with new orphanages. Bloomfire makes us more efficient.”

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