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Parts Town is a Chicago-based supplier of OEM restaurant and foodservice parts for commercial kitchens. They differentiate themselves through their same-day shipping, high-performing OEM parts, and personalized customer care.


When Amy Argentine became Director of Technical Service at Parts Town, she knew something needed to change. The technical service team was largely relying on physical documents–from paper manuals to books on desks– and it was taking longer to train new hires how to find information than it was to train them how to do their jobs.

"Bloomfire is super user-friendly. It gives our employees an opportunity to take Google search functionality that they use in their personal life and bring it into the business world."

Amy Argentine,

Director of Technical Service, Parts Town


Argentine led the implementation of Bloomfire, and after a year with the platform, she’s discovered that technical service employees save hours of time in the office and in the field.

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AGIA Uses Bloomfire to Decrease Onboarding Time and Strengthen Trust with Customers

"We loved the possibilities Bloomfire offered; we could customize [the platform] and give everyone their own experience."

Tammy Shelman

Vice President Member Experience

City of Olathe modernizes their documentation process with Bloomfire

"We started using Bloomfire as a hub for our process documentation, and then we learned that it could hold so much more."

Helen Sangster

GIS Tech

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