sales enablement for marketers

Sales Enablement For Marketers: Explore Why Companies Are Prioritizing Sales Enablement

Organizations with the most effective sales enablement functions are those that are focused on strategy more than operations, and the strategy is well understood throughout the organization. It’s critically important for organizations to understand the cross-functional nature of sales enablement; otherwise, the marketing/sales divide will remain as difficult as ever to close.

new social intranet ebook

The New Social Intranet

Far too many enterprises are still using static, legacy intranets that don’t serve the needs of employees in the modern digital workplace. This eBook introduces the new social intranet and covers the rise of social technologies in the work place.

why social learning works

Knowledge Management and Training: Why Social Learning Works

Shares six methods for more effective training and why better knowledge management is so important in enabling employees.

Social Customer Care

As more consumers are looking online to resolve customer service issues, companies are increasing their investment in social media. Adopting a social customer care policy isn’t optional anymore — it’s critical to staying competitive and relevant.

The Secret to the Most Effective Content Marketing

Building an internal culture of content at your company is an important piece of a successful content marketing program. Your potential customers are hungry for content, and if they don’t get it from you, they’ll go somewhere else. How can you build the infrastructure necessary to feed the content beast?

Top Six Tips for Achieving Sales and Marketing Alignment through Enterprise Social Networking

This eBook illustrates how knowledge sharing tools help salespeople sell better and faster and result in immediate revenue and drive higher rates of CRM.

How to get Started with Enterprise Social Networking

This eBook discusses the value of Enterprise Social Networking in the business and guides you the through five phases to select the solution that is right for your organization.

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