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Fast, Secure Financial Knowledge Base Software

Eliminate shoulder taps, endless email threads, and frantic Slack requests for institutional knowledge!

Always know where to find the right answers.

Our Customers Trusted by leading brands and innovative companies

See for yourself why Bloomfire is the top choice to democratize company knowledge and promote org-wide alignment.

  • Capital One
businesswoman at conference providing personalized customer service to client
Bloomfire is changing how people go about their work. Rather than talking to 10 people to learn something new, they have one place to go.
Coleen Akers
Insights Product Manager, Capital One

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

“The technology is world-class, and exactly what we needed for our mobile workforce. Most importantly, the people and support are what makes Bloomfire truly a great partner for Southwest Airlines.”
-Sydney Leonard, Southwest Airlines

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  • Keep Teams Aligned and Informed

  • Access knowledge anywhere

    Bloomfire’s integrations with Slack, Chrome, Salesforce, and Zendesk allow teams to find the knowledge they need right in the flow of work.
  • Search across files & documents

    Bloomfire indexes every word in every file - including words spoken in video - so agents can find answers fast using a simple keyword or phrase.
  • Personalize your company knowledge

    Bloomfire's artificial intelligence powers our deep search, automatically tags content, and recommends content - helping you extend your learning.

  • Knowledge On Demand

  • Q&A engine

    Crowdsource answers and create a searchable database of FAQs so that you can resolve customer issues efficiently and authoritatively — and save your subject matter experts from answering repetitive questions.
  • Video & audio search

    Jump to the exact point in a video or audio recording where a key phrase or word is spoken. Identify the information you need to help customers without wasting time combing through lengthy recordings.
  • Beyond policies & procedures

    Capture the tacit knowledge that your employees have by integrating your knowledge base with your existing tools. Plus, Bloomfire supports video and audio files, making your knowledge base that much stronger.

Promote Org-Wide Knowledge Sharing

Bloomfire can be used to help your support team - or any team that relies on knowledge (and that’s everyone, right?)

Knowledge Sharing Drives Results