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internal buy in for a knowledge base white paper

Getting internal buy-in for a knowledge base

This white paper walks you through the steps to get internally stakeholders on board to successfully implement a knowledge base solution.

social customer care ebook

Social customer care

As more consumers are looking online to resolve customer service issues, companies are increasing their investment in social media. Adopting a social customer care policy isn’t optional anymore — it’s critical to staying competitive and relevant.

knowledge management for customer service

Driving customer care with knowledge management

Deploying an effective knowledge base is proven to help companies excel in customer service. Top performing companies are 38 percent more likely than others to deploy a centralized knowledge base containing product and service information.

Etsy Uses Bloomfire to Save Over Ten Thousand Hours Annually

Etsy is an e-commerce marketplace for handmade goods, vintage items, and supplies for making any craft imaginable. The community at is made up of independent creative businesses from around the globe looking to sell their crafty creations. This Brooklyn-based company has grown its community to more than 22 million members across 200 countries.

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