These assets graphically illustrate market data and interesting industry statistics on topics related to social business software in the enterprise.

Digital Transformation Infographic

A journey towards collaboration in the digital economy

While 88 percent of companies report they’re undergoing a Digital Transformation, only 25 percent have a clear understanding of what that means.

Empowering Sales and Marketing Infographic

A guide to empowering sales and marketing teams

75% of top-performing organizations have strong alignment between sales and marketing

The new social intranet — it’s out of this world

Too many intranets are outdated with stale content living behind an uninviting interface that is frustrating and difficult to navigate.

social learning

Welcome to the social learning circus

Most organizations invest in training, but don’t provide the kind of training that caters to how people learn. New technology is making it easier to share this “tribal knowledge” with new, current, and future employees.

Driving Customer Success Infographic

Driving customer success with knowledge management

Companies with strong knowledge management systems can rustle up an amazing experience that will keep clients coming back for more.

Socal Learning Infographic

Today’s lesson: social learning

Employees value social learning experiences far more than they do corporate training and eLearning.

Sales Team Infographic

Why your sales team needs knowledge management

You can’t afford to have an untrained, inexperienced, and unprepared sales team. Potential clients are almost twice as likely to buy when the person selling to them is on top of their game. Set your sales team up for success by arming them with the knowledge and expertise they need to win.

Content Marketing Infographic

The secret to content marketing

Building an internal culture of content at your company is an important piece of a successful content marketing program. Time and resources are at a premium so companies where everyone writes have a leg up on the competition.


Social customer care

As more customers are looking online to resolve customer service issues, companies are turning to social media. Adopting a social care policy isn’t optional anymore, it’s critical to staying competitive and relevant.

ROI Infographic

Calculating the ROI of enterprise collaboration

McKinsey estimates $900B in business value can be unlocked with social networking tools and technologies. This infographic highlights the biggest areas of impact and hard ROI across engagement, productivity and revenue.

Customer Experience Infographic

Transforming the customer experience with social collaboration

Organizations that deploy Social Collaboration platforms report improvements in Customer Retention of 75%.

knowledge sharing journey infographic

The knowledge sharing journey

On the journey to a true knowledge sharing culture, there are both milestones and pitfalls. Make sure you follow the map and realize knowledge sharing in a way you never thought possible.

employee engagement infographic

Happy employees equal a profitable company

Employees who identify with being ‘engaged’ are 78% more likely to recommend their companies product or service. Whereas the employees who are unengaged are only recommending their companies product or services 13% of the time.

Sales Enablement Infographic

Keys to improving sales enablement

Implementing a successful sales enablement tool can help companies increase sales by up to 50%.

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