Social Intranet

Why Knowledge Sharing Should Replace Your Old Intranet

Out With The Old Intranet…

While a social intranet encourages collaboration and brings teams together, it falls short in a few essential areas: finding information quickly and sharing knowledge effectively.

The truth is that while many organizations rely on their company intranet to share knowledge, 31% of your employees will never use it, and the other 69% is spending 20% of their time looking for exactly what they need.

And In With The New – Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge Sharing Platforms are transforming the way knowledge is transferred across departments. These platforms introduce elements that go beyond storing and organizing documents – typically what you’ll find a traditional intranet. They allow employees to search for information, update and curate knowledge in real-time, contribute to conversations, and connect directly with knowledge experts.


Uploading and managing knowledge is easy – meaning all of your knowledge will stay up-to-date.


No more information silos – – increase productivity of your employees by allowing them to find the information they need without distributing their flow of work.


Encourage teams to comment, like, and share each other’s posts, and also have multiple people contribute to a single post.


Determine which knowledge employees are interacting with most frequently and drive organizational change with those results.

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