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Bloomfire established the best knowledge management software, this proprietary artificial intelligence technology is designed to help organizations deliver the most relevant content to users, at the right time. Using a combination or TextRank and PageRank, our software creates a digital content “fingerprint” based on keywords. It then uses this to establish which pieces are contextually similar.


Bloomfire's security is backed by SOC 2 certification and the platform is HIPPA-ready. So you can have peace of mind that your data is safe.

SSO Authentication

Instead of asking questions via email, enable your business and operational teams to self-serve. Bloomfire’s Q&A engine helps you build a library of FAQs so that users can quickly find answers — or post new questions to get answers from subject matter experts.

Role-Based Permissions

Control what information each user can access and contribute. Your system admins and owners can easily manage their teams in one centralized place.


Bloomfire is hosted by Amazon Web Services, which ensures locked down, privately-known locations and uses multiple security layers to prevent unauthorized access to the hardware and infrastructure.

Backup and Recovery

Bloomfire’s database is replicated across multiple AZs in real time, allowing us to continue operation with the loss of any single AZ. We also take snapshots of our data and store them apart from our servers throughout the day.

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