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Why Your Knowledge Base Needs Personalization

Apr 17, 2019 • When you get into a conversation about improving the customer experience, it’s almost inevitable that the idea of personalization will come up....


5 Ways to Use Video Across Your Organization

May 31, 2018 • If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s the value of a video for your business? As it turns out, that value can be quite high. According to an Aberdeen Group research report, marketers who use video get 66 percent more...

How to Get New Customer Service Reps Up to Speed Quickly

Mar 13, 2019 • You’ve done it: you’ve hired the perfect customer service rep. Now, you can sit back, relax, and watch them deliver an amazing customer experience,...


Mark Hammer Is Bloomfire’s New CEO

Feb 25, 2019 • Our team at Bloomfire has some exciting leadership news to share: Mark Hammer is our new CEO. Mark has served as our COO since 2014. He has over two...

Bloomfire Earns Two Stevie Awards for Advancements in Knowledge Sharing

May 30, 2018 • Bloomfire’s knowledge sharing and insights platforms are changing the way teams communicate, breaking down internal silos, and making information easily accessible to the people who need it. And our efforts have earned us some...