Powering the Knowledge Sharing Relationship for Celebrating Home

Celebrating Home is the largest party planning home-décor company in the United States, working with more than 50,000 designers from coast-to-coast.

They had a challenge. We had a solution! They were in need of a content management solution for their ever-growing database of information.


Celebrating Home, the nation’s largest party-plan home décor company, works with over 50,000 designers coast to coast.


Celebrating Home provides training, product information, promotions and sales transaction support to tens of thousands of people coast-to-coast. In order to enable their ever-growing team of Designers, Celebrating Home hosts over 600 pieces of active content on their homepage. Finding a way to reasonably present that content to a user is the company’s greatest challenge.

The original site wasn’t built on a content management platform; rather, it was created traditionally—as independent html pages with links. If anything changed, a web developer had to frequently alter the file and the link to update the content. Celebrating Home produces at least 25 different pieces of content every month—from flyers to videos to documents about that month’s promotions or product information. Keeping up with the content was difficult enough; indexing it was nearly impossible.

“With the volume of content we produce, the big question was: How do we create a reasonable link structure on html pages?” asked Kenny Mobley, Sr. Director of Marketing Technology. “Even though our community thought they knew where to go find something, they were missing the vast majority of the content because it was buried someplace. Either you knew where to click or you didn’t know. We needed a way to disseminate content in a way that made it simple and straightforward. People were missing important information every day and we spent countless hours trying to help them find it.”

“The list of advantages are so many it would be difficult to cover them all. However, the most obvious ones are the ease of access to expert opinions, advice and intelligence in one place by your team.” – GetApp

1. Get Better Results:

Tear down hierarchical boundaries by giving everyone in your organization access to anyone, anytime.

2. Increase Sales:

Empower your employees with content authoring tools to share tips and tricks of your trade.

3. Reduce Costs:

Capture once lost tribal knowledge in a single place to reduce new hire on-boarding time.

4. Improve Efficiencies:

Put all of your team knowledge in one place for quick access.


Having scoured several different content management, learning management and social enterprise solutions, Celebrating Home chose Bloomfire to help make create a massive content delivery system that was clear in purpose and offering. “With Bloomfire, we can store and manage the content in a ways that makes it so simple for people to search and access it. There’s no hidden files, no guesswork—everything is where it belongs and we can break all that content into series, which makes everyone’s life so much easier,” Mobley added.

By being able to create a Series within Bloomfire, Celebrating Home was able to index their content and make it searchable for users in a way that makes sense to even a novice technologist. Information about a monthly promotion or questions about a particular product could be easily discovered by using a simple search box and the results filtered the content which not only saves time and confusion, but also provides access to some of the hidden content that was previously lost in a page full of links.

The real-time question and answer platform in Bloomfire proved its value immediately. Celebrating Home saw over a thousand questions posted in the first month of use. Since Celebrating Home is a voluntary workforce and the company recruits constantly, the number of new users grows rapidly. Bloomfire was able to create an easy way for new Designers to ask people with critical knowledge for answers to questions on virtually any topic.

“The Q and A engine has been used more than we ever expected,” said Mobley. “The amount of time we save not having to field questions is remarkable. When we realized how efficient a tool this was, we pushed content owners into their own Bloomfire. We were able to say to them: ‘Don’t ask web developer; it’s your content. If you think it looks bad, fix it.’ It saves us so much time with approvals.”

Full Featured Knowledge Sharing Tools:

•   Content Creation Tools •   Write Text •   Record a Webcam Video •   Make a Screencast •   File Upload Types •   Questions & Answers •   Content Management •   Advanced Search •   Content Series •   Content Moderation •   Email Notifications •   Role-Based Management •   Sub-Communities •   Personalization •   Invite People •   Dashboard Analytics •   Membership Subscription •   Integrate Bloomfire •   Mobile App

“This is the best tool we have tried for building communities of practice. It excels at enabling people to communicate about content and share best practices.” —Learning Solutions       Magazine


Since adopting Bloomfire, over 15,000 people have signed in to Celebrating Home’s six different communities and hundreds of hours of time have been saved by using the peer-to-peer Q&A feature.

“We were looking at learning management systems but they were just way too complicated,” added Mobley. “These are sales people who can go to any one of our competitors if any part of our business is annoying. With Bloomfire, the functions, ease of use and elegant design made it an easy choice for us. Anybody can log in and figure it out fairly quickly with minimal or no coaching. This is exactly the solution we were looking for.”

Bloomfire Powers Content Delivery and Learning Management for Celebrating Home

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