Pricing That Scales with Your Business

Pricing is typically per user per month, along with implementation and other services as needed. The price per user scales down as you increase in the number of users. Pricing starts at $15,000/year for up to 50 users. All agreements are 1-3 year paid annually or multi-year.



Per User, Per month
Paid annually
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Basic has all of our standard features, including:
  • 1 Community
  • AI-Driven Search & Suggest

    Our AI-powered search engine indexes every word in every file and deepens engagement through recommended content

  • Auto-Tagging Content

    Auto-generate tags for your content to make posting and searching easier.

  • Content Reporting & Analytics

    Content analytics help you identify your most (and least) valuable content within your organization.

  • Usage Reporting & Analytics

    User analytics tell you who is (and who isn’t) interacting with the platform through a leaderboard.

  • Newsletter

    Create newsletters and custom lists within Bloomfire to alert users of important content and keep them engaged.

  • Unlimited Storage

    Store all the data you need, at no extra cost.

  • Standard Support

    Get expert guidance from our support team members, who have earned a 100% customer satisfaction rating.


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Go beyond the Basic Plan with a selection of Premium Features:
  • Multiple Communities
  • Groups
  • API Access
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • News Hub

    Monitor competitors and industry news. Easily curate and add important news to your knowledge sharing community.

  • Public Content

    Create public content so external users or partners can access the information they need from your Bloomfire community.

  • Whitelabel URL

    Make sure your users know they’re in the right place by branding your community with custom colors, logos, and URL.

  • Secondary Research Integration

    Centralize research from multiple vendors and sources in one platform.

  • Zendesk Integration
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Microsoft Teams Integration
  • Slack Integration
  • Premium Enterprise Support

Available With All Plans Features To Make Knowledge Sharing Even Better

  • File Virus Scanning
  • Flexible User Roles
  • File Syncing Integrations

    Bloomfire easily integrates to your external shared drives:

    • Google Drive
    • Box
    • OneDrive
    • Dropbox

    See all integrations

  • Simple Content Moderation
  • Chrome Extension
  • Content Recommendations
  • Better Mobile Apps
  • Collaborate With Slack
  • Easy Setup

FAQs Have Questions? We Have Answers.

We’re here to help should you have any questions. Below are the most commonly asked questions around the Bloomfire service. Reach out to us if you still need help.

  • Is storage really unlimited?

    Yes. We’ve found that the most successful customers share a lot of knowledge and information in Bloomfire, so we don’t want to limit your success.

  • How do you define a user?

    A user is one person tied to one email address. If you need external licenses or have a very large team, contact us about volume discounts.

  • Will my data be safe?

    Yes, Bloomfire hosting is extremely secure. We provide security support, vulnerability testing, reporting, and more to ensure uptime and data integrity. To learn more about Bloomfire security, check out our security FAQ.

  • Can I buy features a la carte?

    Yes, our Enterprise plan allows you to build a custom plan.

  • How long are your contracts?

    Our contracts are annual agreements, but we can provide multi-year agreements as well.

  • Can I pay quarterly?

    Yes, but there is an added fee for non-annual payments.

  • What discounts are available?

    We offer volume discounts for large teams. Contact us for a custom quote.

  • What are groups and communities?

    Community: This is the main repository for your content. It is made up of groups, categories, contributions, and users. Oftentimes larger organizations require siloed access so communities can be walled off from one another (i.e. access to each community must be granted separately). Groups: Groups are a subset of communities that can be used to separate users and contributions from the main community. Because groups wall off content from non-group members, they’re not necessary for every community.

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