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The future of collaboration – context, content and intelligence

Alan Lepofsky of Constellation Research and Bobby Beckmann, CTO of Bloomfire discuss context, content and analytics as the critical components of next-generation enterprise collaboration software. Watch this webinar to learn how this technology can materially impact business productivity and results.

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Live demo short: take control of your content and inspire collaboration with private groups 

See how Bloomfire’s Private Groups can help you organize and protect your content based on the appropriate audience and enable team members to opt-in to content which matters to them.

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Bloomfire new feature reel: Bloomfire advanced reporting

Bloomfire’s new Advanced Reporting provides rich, actionable insights to drive the success of your business. Whether you’re looking for the big picture or want to see what individual members are doing, Advanced Reporting makes it easy to see how your community is collaborating.

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Live demo short:improve onboarding and training with social learning tools

In this installment of our Live Demo Short series, we demonstrate how Bloomfire’s social onboarding and training software accelerates traditional learning by tapping into employees’ natural learning styles and allowing users to learn on-the-go.

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Live demo short: new features that make collaboration at work easier than ever

In this Demo Short, we walk through the latest feature enhancements we’ve made in direct response to customer feedback. Our platform continues to foster teamwork with a simple, user-centric experience.

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The agile organization: improving time to decision through collaboration

Modern organizations are driven by their ability to adapt and make decisions quickly. But attaining the agility can be difficult as organizations continue to become more diverse and dispersed. In this webinar, Mollie Lombardi, VP and principal analyst at Brandon Hall discusses the links between agility and collaboration.

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Live demo short: three ways Bloomfire solves customer service challenges

Bloomfire empowers customer service agents with quick access to up-to-date information and employs powerful analytics to improve KPIs like time to resolution. Learn more in this Live Demo Short.

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Live demo short: leveraging Bloomfire’s enterprise collaboration software for breakthrough sales and marketing enablement

Bloomfire aligns sales and marketing to prescribe materials, coaching, tools and experts at the right time in the buying process. See how we do it in this Bloomfire Demo Short.

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Transforming the customer experience with social collaboration

Hear executives from Etsy and SpareFoot share their first-hand experiences and results after implementing Bloomfire. Learn how these two organizations have transformed their customer experience – with zero implementation effort required by IT.

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Using social collaboration to accelerate traditional learning

More than 50% of organizations say social media will be of great interest to them over the next 12 months, more so than a shortage of talent, Big Data, or global expansion. Companies are recognizing the power of social and collaborative tools for learning, yet most struggle with exactly how to leverage them. In this webinar, David Wentworth, Senior Learning Analyst with Brandon Hall Group examines how social media can enhance and accelerate your organization’s traditional learning models.

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The trifecta of sales enablement: a winning combination!

Effective sales enablement is critical for organizational growth: better quality leads, quicker sales cycles, increased revenue growth, and customer loyalty. Watch the this webinar to learn how Sales, Marketing and Customer Support can come together to pull off the Trifecta.

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The convergence of formal learning and tribal knowledge

Watch as Mike Cooke, CEO of Brandon Hall Group, and Paul Drexler, Account Manager, Global L&D at Bechtel, discuss how companies are working to tie tribal knowledge to a formal learning system.

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