SURFSET realizes 20x ROI with Bloomfire

“Bloomfire allowed us to achieve an ROI 20 times our initial investment. It solved our entire problem of how can we expand SURFSET and have quality control across the world, instead of just selling people equipment and saying 'go do whatever you want to do.' With Bloomfire, we now have constant, consistent communication.”

Sarah Ponn - Director of Marketing and Training at SURFSET

Sarah Ponn

Director of Marketing and Training, SURFSET

Bloomfire Helps SpareFoot Customer Support Team Scale, Save a Quarter Million Dollars Annually

“Most of our team members will have Bloomfire open on one monitor, and Salesforce on the other. It’s very helpful to use Bloomfire to search for answers to customer problems and be able to solve those immediately.”

Josh Lipton- Vice President of Technology at SpareFoot

Josh Lipton

Vice President of Technology, SpareFoot

Bloomfire helps Make-A-Wish communicate with 300+ volunteers and board members, making wish granting more successful

"Bloomfire helps our volunteers conduct wish interviews in the field by providing a central knowledge base where they can ask questions as well as find the information they need using either their laptop or mobile app, even when our office is closed."

Scott Crews- Director of Development, Make-a-Wish Central & South Texas

Scott Crews

Director of Development, Make-a-Wish Central & South Texas


We chose Bloomfire for a combination of elegance and simplicity for delivery of relevant content to engage and collaborate with our customers.

Evan Shumeyko Headshot

Evan Shumeyko

Senior Director, Engagement Strategy, Ogilvy & Mather

We were able to increase engagement by fifty percent among our licensees since rolling out Bloomfire. As a result, we have saved a lot of time that we were spending on the phone or on email answering questions.

Alex Minicucci - CEO & Founder of SMS Masterminds

Alex Minicucci

CEO & Founder, SMS Masterminds

What’s amazing about Bloomfire is its multimedia and search capabilities. We create series that include documents, presentations and videos. Bloomfire makes it easy to organize the content and enables us to see who has viewed it and when.

Niyoshi Mehta - Program Manager at The Miracle Foundation

Niyoshi Mehta

Program Manager, The Miracle Foundation

Bloomfire has allowed us to aggregate and organize information to support over 120,000 of our independent consultants across the globe.

Lisa La Corte Headshot

Lisa La Corte

Director of Online Marketing, Arbonne International