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empowering your sales team whitepaper

How Knowledge Management Accelerates Sales Teams

This white paper explores the challenges today’s salespeople face, how a social knowledge network can help, and what to look for in a social knowledge network.

sales and marketing alignment ebook

Top six tips for achieving sales & marketing alignment through enterprise social networking

This eBook illustrates how knowledge sharing tools help salespeople sell better and faster and result in immediate revenue and drive higher rates of CRM.

calculating the roi of enterprise collaboration software

Calculating the ROI of enterprise collaboration software

This white paper discusses the hard and soft ROI benefits of enterprise collaboration software and presents best practices for engaging key stakeholders and driving business value.

Bloomfire Drives Collaboration and Relationships at Dun & Bradstreet

Dun & Bradstreet is the global leader in commercial information, growing the most valuable relationships in business through data. By uncovering truth and meaning from data, the company connects customers with the prospects, suppliers, clients and partners that matter most, and has since 1841.

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