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social media customer care program

Six Building Blocks Of A Social Media Customer Care Program

Developing a social media customer care program requires understanding and anticipating what consumers want over social networks. Often this means being direct, honest, and quick to respond. Here are six essential parts of a successful social media customer care program that can help you develop and maintain a positive relationship with your customers – both […]

2015 Prediction: Analytics from Enterprise Collaboration Tools Becomes Critical

Late last year, I predicted that analytics would drive increased investment in enterprise collaboration. In a recent Destination CRM blog post, Forrester analyst TJ Keitt recommended that companies use cloud-based collaboration services to find the right data nugget when needed. In the post, he says that embedding social analytical tools in collaboration platform allows companies […]

Advanced Reporting

Deep Dive: Bloomfire Advanced Reporting

Ever wished you could dive deeper into your enterprise collaboration data? You’re not alone. That’s why Bloomfire recently introduced Advanced Reporting, raising the bar on enterprise collaboration analytics. Bloomfire Advanced Reporting provides a detailed set of engagement reports that complement its existing analytics dashboard. In turn, these reports will help show the true engagement of […]

How Our Customers Help Us Design Better Software

Easy-To-Use Software Is Hard Work At Bloomfire we pride ourselves on making software that’s human-friendly and easy to use. Maintaining the right balance between adding features customer need while maintaining a clean, simple design, though, is often much harder than it might seem. How do you distinguish between what customers say they want and what […]