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The Future of Training is Still Up to Managers

“The ability to gain access to knowledge 24/7 just as we need it is a terrific leap forward…Tools like Bloomfire will help” The Future of Training is Still Up to Managers

The Future of Training and Development is About Connecting People (Interview)

Carol Bond is the Senior Training Analyst for the specialty benefits division at Principal Financial Group.  She oversees the training and development of leaders and underwriters.  On occasion she also works with sales and service personnel.  Carol previously managed an eLearning team and has worked in training management and consulting for the past 17 years. […]

The Entire World Has Become Our Conference Room: Ways Technology Has Improved Performance and Productivity

Paul Smith has worked in the fields of Education and Workplace Learning & Performance for over 18 years. He has designed, implemented, evaluated, and delivered instruction to almost every age group, career level, and learning style. He has achieved professional success in the fields of sales, journalism, and education.  In addition, he has lead change […]

Bloomfire Attending ASTD TechKnowledge 2010

Bright light city gonna set our souls on fire. That’s right. We’re showing up in Vegas at #tk10 to do a special sneak preview for VIPs before the March launch. Stop by the booth and get a free tattoo!  Or just check out David’s new haircut.