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Bloomfire Salesforce App

Bloomfire’s Salesforce App is Lightning Ready

Bloomfire is excited to announce that its Salesforce app is now compatible with the new Salesforce Lightning Experience. Bloomfire’s award-winning software helps enterprise employees find the company information they need to do their jobs. Bloomfire’s Salesforce Lightning App allows teams to access company information in Bloomfire without leaving the Salesforce platform. This gives, for example, […]

Today: Integrate Quizzes, Surveys, and More

What do social learning and quizzes have in common? Nothing really. However, some of our customers are telling us that they want to embed quizzes in their Bloomfire to use as a teaching tool. So we’ve created a tutorial on how you can do it using the wonderful (free) power of Google Docs: Integrate Surveys, […]

SXSW (South by Southwest) Interactive Roundup

What do Google, AOL, Panasonic, AKQA and Bloomfire have in common? They all rocked the SXSW (South by Southwest) Interactive Trade Show last week. We took the opportunity to launch our product there, and our booth was packed with one inquiry after another. I heard that quite a few people enjoyed Panasonic’s 3D HDTVs, saying […]

Warm Response from TechKnowledge Conference 2010

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, step right up to see the next generation of learning tools—Bloomfire. Recently the Bloomfire team attended ASTD’s TechKnowledge Conference in Las Vegas to offer a sneak preview to the training and development community. The conference is attended by a wide variety of individuals from implementers of eLearning to savvy […]

Something Old, New and Borrowed

There’s a lot of talk out these days about social enterprise, learning management systems, content management and knowledge sharing.  Consequently, there’s a lot of research and study that goes into understanding how people learn and how they learn most effectively.  As we evolve as a society, technology, tools and the ways we use them change, […]

Bloomfire for LinkedIn Groups: The Time Has Come

  LinkedIn has evolved a lot since its inception and continues to make  changes all the time. Did you know that LinkedIn signs up two new members per second and over a little less than a decade, has grown its user-base from 4500 to 175 million? Impressed? You should be! LinkedIn does a great job […]

Know the difference between “encrypted” and “secure”

Know the difference between “encrypted” and “secure” Coming back to the millions upon millions of leaked passwords: most modern web services are not foolish enough to store passwords in plain text, but there’s another option that’s just as bad, and it’s the one thing that all these password leaks have in common. But first, some […]

The Right Tool is The One You Will Use

    We’ve all heard that sometimes you have to ask some hard questions to get hard answers.  In business, the answers we seek can be sought after, fought for, brainstormed and run through any number of funnels until we get the information or knowledge we need. The desperate seeking for solutions should be embarked […]

Getting Started With Bloomfire: From the CTO to You

CTO Dave Mccann takes you through Bloomfire step by step. By Dave Mccann, CTO/Co-Founder However you have found us, Bloomfire is now available to add to your arsenal of weapons to fight off the repetitive email strings, lost content, content without context, lost productivity and the inability to onboard people in the organization or even […]

Learn or Die: 3 Ways to Change How Your Organization Shares

This week, Bloomfire CEO Craig Malloy is featured on Masahable in the article “3 Ways to Change How Your Organization Shares.” His many years as a successful CEO has certified him as a leading voice in team knowledge sharing. Instill your organization with these three principles and watch knowledge bloom. Read the full article here.

Greetings, and Extending Our Reach

Should have done this sooner, but better late than never. I’m Craig Malloy, the new CEO of Bloomfire. Dave McCann and I bought Bloomfire from Josh Little last November. We raised money from Austin Ventures and Redpoint Ventures to make the acquisition and provide some growth capital. I first found out about Bloomfire early last […]

Bloomfire: Providing a New Way to E-train

[Editor’s note: We are cross-posting this article because we think the journalist did a fantastic job of telling our story.] “We’re a Web 2.0 startup coming out of West Michigan, not Silicon Valley,” said Josh Little, creator of Bloomfire, a social network-style training program. The company is based in Kalamazoo and provides services throughout the […]

Bloomfire Launches Today at SxSW

This is exciting. Today at SxSW (South by Southwest), we announced that Bloomfire is now available to the world! Sign up today—prices begin at $99/month. At such a price, you could even expense report it! And to provide a completely risk-free experience for our early adopters, we are currently offering a 30-day money-back guarantee if […]

Launch Date Announced

Drumroll please… Bloomfire is excited to launch to the world on March 15th.  After that date, organizations of any size will be able to start a social learning community for an affordable price. Our launch coincides with our appearance at the world renown SXSW (South by Southwest) conference.  Check us out here.  The theme of […]

Bloomfire Attending ASTD TechKnowledge 2010

Bright light city gonna set our souls on fire. That’s right. We’re showing up in Vegas at #tk10 to do a special sneak preview for VIPs before the March launch. Stop by the booth and get a free tattoo!  Or just check out David’s new haircut.

Only You Can Start a Bloomfire

  What is a bloomfire? Bloomfire (blüm⋅fi(-ə)r) – noun A catalyst which ignites a desire to consume knowledge for one’s good The rapid development of a person or group A source of light and knowledge Recently someone brought to my attention the fire triangle used by practitioners of firefighting for understanding the ingredients necessary for […]