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insights teams need knowledge sharing platform

Four Features Insights Teams Need In A Knowledge Sharing Platform

Insights teams have the important task of making sure the information you publish is curated and that key stakeholders can find it. With new research created on a regular basis, traditional knowledge management practices only get you so far. The door is left open for information to get lost in translation, which causes stakeholders to […]

Improve customer insights strategy with knowledge sharing software

Enhance Your Customer Insights Strategy With Knowledge Sharing Software

When you examine industry-leading companies, you notice that each has their own recipe for success. But if there’s one thing that is critical to all, it is knowing and understanding your customers’ needs, wants, and expectations. According to Experian’s 2016 Digital Marketer Report, 38 percent of companies cite “knowing their customers” as their top challenge, […]

Erasing frownie face and drawing smiley face to improve your net promoter score

How to Improve Your Net Promoter Score

Have you ever recommended a company to a friend? Ever discouraged a friend from going with a certain company? Congratulations, if you were able to answer that question, you understand Net Promoter Scores! A Net Promoter Score, or NPS, is a metric used by marketing teams who are responsible for customer insights, customer support teams, […]