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Bloomfire Named A 2015 Best of Elearning! Finalist

We’re excited to announce that Bloomfire was named as a finalist in the Social Learning category of the 2015 Elearning! Awards. In its 11th year, The Best of Elearning! Awards program is a user’s choice award. Learning professionals vote with their ballot for best-in-class solutions. This year, readers and professionals from both the private and public sector cast […]

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Why Traditional Workplace Training Falls Short

How can you get the best results from your corporate learning programs? Start by asking how your employees learn best. How you choose to deliver knowledge to an employee makes a difference. Most enterprises simply provide a variety of traditional offerings and give employees credit for completing courses. What we think of as traditional corporate […]

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Corporate Learning: Make It Social

Think about the two or three most meaningful learning experiences of your career. What did you learn? Where did you learn these lessons or skills, and from whom? How did you come to realize that these would be among the most important learning experiences of your professional life? Chances are high that your top workplace […]

Six Reasons to Include Social Learning in Your Training Plans

I’ve recently spoken with a number of Chief Learning Officers and others responsible for corporate training about their company’s goals and objectives. I’m curious about the corporate training process and the tools necessary for the job – both in terms of content and systems. Many have learning management systems (LMS). In fact, according to an […]

Webinar: Best Practices for Adopting Social Learning From Bloomfire Partner Cannon Financial

Thursday, February 19, 2015 1:30 – 2:30 PM CST Register Here Join Chris Nekvinda from Cannon Financial as he details the benefits of adopting Social Learning, outlines the best practices needed for a successful implementation in your firm, and demonstrates Cannon’s social learning technology approach using Bloomfire. About the presenter: Chris Nekvinda Chris is responsible […]

Social Learning 101: For the People, By the People

[Editor’s note: Bloomfire founder, Josh Little, was recently featured in Learning Solutions Magazine. We’ve cross-posted the article here for your convenience.] Should training organizations cancel their LMS subscriptions, take a hammer to their laser pointers, and bury their Webcams? By all means, NO! Formal learning is needed in most organizations. What we must do is […]

The Secret to Awesome Online Learning: Arizona State’s Dr. Carmean Tells All

Dr. Colleen Carmean works at Arizona State University as a Digital Knowledge Architect in the College of Public Programs. She became a Knowledge Architect after finishing her dissertation, which outlines how instructional design in the digital age is changing to focus on just-in-time learning, while just-in-case learning is headed out the door. Knowledge Architects will […]

Discoveries in Cognitive Science Can Impact the Way We Teach and Learn

Ghislain Van Hoorde works as a consultant at Philip Morris R&D Switzerland. Over the last 2 years, he has been providing support and training to the employees using the corporate Electronic Document Management System (Documentum-based technology). He can be reached via Linkedin, where you can learn about his experiences in Germany and England. Q. Based on […]

Online Collaboration Can Help Cross Cultural Boundaries

Brooke Salisbury works in the customer service and support division at Microsoft as a Learning and Development Program Manager.  She has primarily worked as an instructional designer creating New Hire programs and improving the support experience of both consumer and commercial customers through the continuous training of Microsoft’s customer service agents.  To get in touch […]

The Updated Monster List of 111 Online Learning Resources

The Bloomfire team wishes you a happy New Year! May 2011 be filled with exciting learning, and may this list help us start strong. If you’d like to add your favorite resource, please do so by leaving a comment. Shameless plugs welcome! Instructional Design ID and other reflections The Writers Gateway: One Stop Resource for […]

eLearning Consultant’s Trusty Guide to Using HTML in Web-Based Training (Interview)

Craig Weiss is the owner of E-Learn Info, which provides advisory services to eLearning vendors and individuals who are interested in eLearning solutions and services. He manages and is the author of the blog E-Learning 24/7, which many consider the leading business intelligence blog on eLearning. Starting in February 2011, he will be writing a […]

Lisa Downs of T-Mobile on Mobile Learning, Collaboration & More

Every so often, we will feature interviews with clients and Learning & Development professionals from all over the world. In the spirit of social and collaborative learning, we want this blog to be a place where Learning & Development professionals can informally teach and learn from one another. If you would like to suggest an […]

Mobile Learning, Learning Communities, & More: Musings from Intel’s Consultant

Every so often, we will feature interviews with clients and Learning & Development professionals from all over the world. In the spirit of social and collaborative learning, we want to help Learning & Development professionals teach and learn from one another. If you would like to suggest an interview candidate, perhaps a top-performing employee or […]

Alister Black of UK’s National Health Service on Innovative Blended Learning

Alister Black is an e-health trainer for NHS Lothian, an organization with over 28,000 staff situated in the UK. As well as classroom training and visits to community-based staff, he spends much of his time preparing eLearning. Prior to joining the NHS, Alister worked for Adobe Systems Europe for eight years providing technical support for […]

Bloomfire: Providing a New Way to E-train

[Editor’s note: We are cross-posting this article because we think the journalist did a fantastic job of telling our story.] “We’re a Web 2.0 startup coming out of West Michigan, not Silicon Valley,” said Josh Little, creator of Bloomfire, a social network-style training program. The company is based in Kalamazoo and provides services throughout the […]

The New Golden Rule for Effective eLearning Design

gd enuf is good enough. We are busy. Busier than ever. Time becomes a more precious commodity day by day. We don’t have time for fluff. We don’t have time for things that don’t get results. In fact, we have to prioritize our time against the endless things that are worth doing. The increasing speed […]