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Invest in employee engagement

Five Reasons to Invest in Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is probably a familiar term to anyone active in the workforce today. You hear it from HR, you hear it from your team leads and department heads, and you hear from your C-Suites. But it isn’t just another buzzword. Employee engagement is a win-win for both the employee and the employer, and with […]

light bulb representing knowledge management solution

Avoid These Three Pitfalls To Increase Engagement In Your Knowledge Management Solution

So, you’ve got a little problem with employee engagement in your knowledge management solution (KMS). Users who were once active have gone AWOL. This happens, but before you immediately jump into brainstorming solutions, it’s important to take a look at why those users became inactive. When you go to the doctor because you’re experiencing symptoms, […]

Frustrated business man illustrates need to reduce employee turnover

3 Reasons Valuable Employees Quit Their Jobs And How You Can Prevent It

Your team pours its heart and soul into the interview process. You spend hours upon hours of your time (maybe even outside of your regular work schedule) sorting through resumes, interviewing candidates, reaching out to references, and assessing whether a candidate will succeed within your company culture. After you finally find a perfect fit, you […]

Customer Retention Fueled By Employee Engagement

Customer Retention Fueled By Employee Engagement

Customer support is no doubt a tough job: your support team sits on the front line and is often the first to hear customer complaints. Don’t ignore this critical role when reviewing your customer retention strategy. Do happy customer success reps make happy customers or do happy customers make happy customer success reps? It seems […]

hands holding trophy for gamification in business

Blog Roundup: Gamification in Business

Gamification is taking gaming mechanics or game thinking and integrating it into the flow of work. So for example, your day-to-day work could incorporate things like leaderboards, achievement badges, points systems, or other elements that focus on rankings, competition, and winning. So why all the buzz about gamification? In a recent survey: 62 percent of respondents […]

Employee Engagement in the Age of Wearables

Over the past few weeks, I’ve written articles on employee engagement – how we’re moving from a talent culture to a people culture and about apps that attempt to gauge employee mood. Recently, however, CBC/Radio-Canada posted an article that took this concept much further. They reported on wearable technologies at work that measure employee engagement, […]

man sleeping at desk shows lack of employee engagement

Blog Roundup: Employee Engagement

According to a report from the Harvard Business Review, 71 percent of business leaders believe that employee engagement is very important for the success of their companies. But only 24 percent of these same leaders said they felt like their employees were highly engaged. Employee engagement is mission critical for most organizations, so we’ve pulled […]

Moving from a Talent Culture to a People Culture

In an article on his blog, HR thought leader Josh Bersin described what he sees as the importance of the human resources function in engaging and quantifying employees. He argues that HR should be interested in people management rather than talent management. But what does this mean? Bersin suggests HR professionals stop thinking about the […]

Roundup: Proactive Customer Support, Strategies for Employee Engagement, and More

We’re happy to share some of the most interesting articles we’ve come across about social business, the future of work, and customer experience. We hope you’ll find them interesting and valuable. Marketing from the Customer’s Perspective Today’s customer values relevant, targeted, and personal interaction with their favorite brands. In this Forbes article, Loren McDonald discusses […]

speaker at podium leading corporate training programs

Why Traditional Workplace Training Falls Short

How can you get the best results from your corporate learning programs? Start by asking how your employees learn best. How you choose to deliver knowledge to an employee makes a difference. Most enterprises simply provide a variety of traditional offerings and give employees credit for completing courses. What we think of as traditional corporate […]

10 Steps to Social Knowledge Network Success

Business leaders are becoming more aware of the many ways social knowledge networks can bring value to an organization. Communication is enhanced, knowledge is organized and accessible, products and customer service are improved, and business culture is strengthened through team collaboration. However, what many business leaders are failing to remember is that finding the right […]

Roundup: Learn How to Create a Culture of Execution (and More)

This is the first roundup in what will become a semi-regular feature. We’ll share articles that ignited some interest across the social learning, sales enablement, and customer service spaces. Part of my role at Bloomfire is to curate and share content on our social media channels, as well as within our internal company Bloomfire. I […]

The Five Characteristics of Successful Employee Onboarding

I recently read that 33 percent of new hires look for a new job within their first six months. This may speak to a more transient workforce, but there clearly are other factors at play here. Why would someone new to a job almost immediately seek another new job? The answer, I believe, lies in […]

5 Reasons Enterprise Social Should Be Part of Your Employee Retention Plan

No one would argue that losing high performing employees can be a real blow to an organization. Finding and training a new employee can cost up to twice that employee’s salary. So how do you keep employees from leaving? Many companies are turning to social technology as part of their employee retention strategy. Enterprise social […]

innovation lab where team members work together shows how to boost employee engagement

Five Ways To Boost Employee Engagement

In a report from the Harvard Business Review, 71 percent of business leaders said that employee engagement was very important for the success of the organization. But only 24 percent of these same leaders said they felt like their employees were highly engaged. And workers agree. A Gallup study found that only 31.5 percent of […]

smiling diverse group of coworkers show what millennials want at work

Millennials Don’t Want Your Money: Here’s Five Things They DO Want

According to a recent Pew Research study, Millennials are expected to make up more than a third of the workforce in 2020 and more than 75 percent by 2025. But while this generation is dominating the workforce, the typical Millennial isn’t staying in one place. One study found that “nearly 60 percent of employed Millennials will […]

Inspiring Passionate Employees: Why “Employee Engagement” isn’t the Answer

Employee engagement is a phrase that is thrown around a lot and companies spend significant resources trying to improve engagement within organizations. We recently attended a conference focused on what HR professionals can do to increase employee engagement. Companies are looking for the latest tips and tricks to make their employees happy and love their […]

GigaOM: The employee-centric evolution of HR software

GigaOM includes Bloomfire in its article on the consumerization of IT as it continues to change what employees expect from their devices and software. A reliance on employee-centric recruiting software is also changing how employees interact with HR. The article touts Bloomfire’s ability to create social learning environments by helping employees connect with colleagues or […]

Getting Over the Hump with a Smile

There is a pretty good chance you haven’t made it through a Wednesday recently without seeing the Geico Hump Day commercial (it has 10 million views!). The only way to avoid it every Wednesdays is to not visit a single social media site for the day. A video usually goes viral just once in its lifetime. […]

worker looking bored is sign of employee disengagement

Is Employee Disengagement Costing Your Company?

Would you be surprised to learn that employee disengagement is costing the United States $370 billion annually due to productivity loss? It’s crazy to think that employees who hate their jobs are actually costing the US money. On a positive note, employees who love their jobs and who are highly engaged help save their company […]

Happy Employees Equal a Profitable Company

Disengaged employees are costing the United States $370 billion annually.  On the flip side, engaged employees can actually make their companies money by becoming a walking, talking billboard for them. Employees who identify with being ‘engaged’ are 78% more likely to recommend their companies product or service. Whereas the employees who are unengaged are only recommending their […]

Employee Engagement: Fluffy Nonsense or Mission Critical?

Register now for our webinar on May 21st at 2pm EDT. Practices used to increase employee engagement are often looked at as fluffy nonsense: costume contests and ice cream socials. Sure, these bring your employees together for 10 minuets once a month, but what happens when they go back to their desks? Are they truly […]

How to Keep Your Top Talent Happy

A long hard fought battle amongst employers is trying to find the sweet spot when it comes to employee engagement. There are the companies who over compensate by giving out free trips when someone sends an email then there are the ones who don’t blink twice at their employees’ achievements. The goal is to find […]

women executives looking at tablet planning strategies to increase employee engagement

How to Identify Engaged Workers and Increase Employee Engagement

Engaged employees receive recognition often, work happily with a committed team, and see their co-workers as friends. Sounds like a pretty ideal state, right? And with over 100 studies indicating that employee engagement has a positive impact on work performance, it would be hard for business leaders to argue that it’s not worthwhile to keep […]

The things you learn in grade school

After reading a great article discussing employee engagement on Forbes.com, I thought it would be a great topic to hit on before the new year. Maybe some of you can even make new years resolutions around a few of the points below. If you judge your employee engagement within your organization by a refrigerator stocked with beer, […]