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Are These Five Customer Experience Trends On Your Radar?

Today’s customers are more informed, more connected, and have higher expectations than ever before. And companies that excel at customer experience trends and service are reaping the rewards. In fact, a stock portfolio of Forrester’s Customer Experience Index leaders had a 43 percent cumulative gain in performance vs a 14.5 percent gain by the S&P 500. […]

Productivity Tools and the Cloud

According to new research from Gartner, most productivity tools will be delivered and available only from the cloud by 2018. In the not-too-distant past, CIOs of large enterprises would only consider software that could be hosted on-premise for security reasons. They didn’t trust the cloud. Now, they do. Traditionally on-premise solutions like Microsoft Office, Lync, […]

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Gartner Names Wise Choices for Workplace Social Software

In the market for social software? Gartner included 17 vendors in this year’s Magic Quadrant for Social Software in the Workplace. Like all of the other Garter Magic Quadrants, it’s quite difficult to make the list. And squeezing into the Leaders quadrant is especially challenging. In this case, only Microsoft, IBM, Jive, Salesforce and Tibco managed […]

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5 Tips For Using Social Technology Successfully

After spending a considerable amount of time over the past few months working with analysts and attending conferences, it’s clear to me that simply purchasing a social collaboration platform is not going to magically transform the way your organization does business overnight. In fact, there seems to be several specific steps any organization planning to […]

Knowledge Management Budget: It’s Hard to Come By

As an employer, you want to save time, be more productive, and increase the cohesion among your team. Finding the right way to do this is always the challenge. Fortunately, there are tools out there that are cost effective that enable employees to be more productive and work together as a team. There is both […]

Reduce Costs with Knowledge Sharing

According to Gartner, up to 72% of the cost of customer service interactions is in salaries for customer service representatives and agents. Reduce cost by introducing a web based self-service community for customer service which should consist of a blend of email, chat, document creation, Q&A, and a videoing capability. Through 2015, at least 80% of organizations […]

Social Business is the Way of the Future

When I hear of companies restricting social media at work I am immediately brought back to my grade school days when ‘phones were not permitted in the class room’. You would get your phone taken away and sent to the principal’s office. So what happens when that unruly employee checks their Facebook from their cell […]

‘Big Content,’ Big Deal? What Acquia, Alfresco, Alta Plana, Bloomfire, EMC IIG, Gartner Say

The first time I heard the term Big Content, I thought “Oh brother, Are Web CMS and ECM vendors actually sticking the word ‘Big’ in front of ‘Content’ in an attempt to jump onto the Big Data bandwagon?” ‘Big Content,’ Big Deal? What Acquia, Alfresco, Alta Plana, Bloomfire, EMC IIG, Gartner Say

Pioneering the Knowledge Sharing Revolution

Adoption of social technology is already on the rise and is predicted to increase rapidly within the next few years. Gartner predicts the increase to positively affect 50% of large organizations with 30% of those considering their social network as crucial as email and telephone. Will you be an early adopter? Learn more more about the different […]

No Email Day: 3/3/13

No Email Day is exactly what it sounds like, no email for that day. We will be taking the challenge on March 3rd and hope you will too. A day without email sounds like a dream. Now, if we could only live every single day without email.  I know what you are thinking, that is […]