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Doctors who are practicing knowledge management in the healthcare industry

3 Reasons Knowledge Management is Critical in the Healthcare Industry

Oh, healthcare… where to begin. We won’t attempt to delve into the infinite potential conversations that surround healthcare. We are not medical professionals or politicians. But we do know a thing or two about knowledge management. And if one thing is for certain, it’s that healthcare is a knowledge-driven industry. An estimated 324,824,350 people currently […]

Healthcare – The Rise of Patient Communities

Social media and healthcare are rarely mentioned in the same sentence. However, 65% of physicians use some sort of social media daily for professional use.  Nearly half of all physicians  believe their patients would benefit greatly from some sort of social patient community. Allowing patients to self-serve in a community with information relevant to their needs could reduce the amount of time […]

Hospital Trainer Offers Killer Tips for Preventing Brain Drain (Interview)

Molly McCauley Kelly is the Physician Support Coordinator for Hospital Corporation of America in Las Vegas, Nevada. She provides IT training and clinical application support for the physicians at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center, Mountain View Hospital, and Southern Hills Hospital and Medical Center, focusing on meeting the needs of physicians and their support staff […]

The Current State of Collaborative Learning, from Humana’s Learning Consultant (Interview)

John Bellotti is a Learning Consultant at Humana Insurance, responsible for designing curricula on Humana’s dental and individual lines of insurance. He has also designed for other products, and he currently focuses on supporting call centers from the analysis stage through to implementation and evaluation. Q. As a consultant in a training organization, I’m guessing […]

Gary Wise of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital on Formal vs. Informal Learning and More

Gary Wise is a learning and performance improvement professional with a rich background in learning strategy development—integrator of holistic learning design methodology—and a passionate yet prudent advocate in application of Web & Learning 2.0 learning technology. With 30 years of formal background in training and performance consulting that drives emphasis on building measurable, sustainable performance […]

Alister Black of UK’s National Health Service on Innovative Blended Learning

Alister Black is an e-health trainer for NHS Lothian, an organization with over 28,000 staff situated in the UK. As well as classroom training and visits to community-based staff, he spends much of his time preparing eLearning. Prior to joining the NHS, Alister worked for Adobe Systems Europe for eight years providing technical support for […]