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What Is a Social Intranet?

A social intranet is an easy-to-use tool that incorporates social technology, powerful search, multimedia creation and sharing capabilities, and more to create a communication and collaboration hub that can be easily accessed to get work done. Social intranets are a modern response to the traditional, legacy intranet, which doesn’t have social components such as comments, […]

Moving from a Talent Culture to a People Culture

In an article on his blog, HR thought leader Josh Bersin described what he sees as the importance of the human resources function in engaging and quantifying employees. He argues that HR should be interested in people management rather than talent management. But what does this mean? Bersin suggests HR professionals stop thinking about the […]

Inspiring Passionate Employees: Why “Employee Engagement” isn’t the Answer

Employee engagement is a phrase that is thrown around a lot and companies spend significant resources trying to improve engagement within organizations. We recently attended a conference focused on what HR professionals can do to increase employee engagement. Companies are looking for the latest tips and tricks to make their employees happy and love their […]

Don’t Make Your New Hire Regret Their Decision

Remember the days of sitting through hours upon hours of training sessions with those TERRIBLE videos? Yes, the ones so outdated some of the clothes are now back in style. Unfortunately, people are still living that nightmare as you’re reading this. There are companies in existence today that still mandate the ‘new hire training’ that […]

Tips and Tricks to Ensure Leadership Training Sticks

Billions of dollars are spent annually on ‘leadership’ training for employees. Employers not only need to focus on the ‘training’ aspect but the steps taken after said training to assist in helping their employees retain that knowledge while excelling in their leadership roles. An individual cannot just sit through ‘leadership’ training and expect to automatically become […]

Are You Equipped With the Right Tools to Telecommute?

When Marissa Mayer announced she was going to axe telecommuting at Yahoo! the uproar was heard worldwide. The decision came after the senior management team had reportedly checked the VPN logs and noticed that too few employees were logging in.  This should have raised more questions than just the ‘are our telecommuting employees actually working?’. […]

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How to Identify Engaged Workers and Increase Employee Engagement

Engaged employees receive recognition often, work happily with a committed team, and see their co-workers as friends. Sounds like a pretty ideal state, right? And with over 100 studies indicating that employee engagement has a positive impact on work performance, it would be hard for business leaders to argue that it’s not worthwhile to keep […]

Effectively Teach via “Democratic Discussion” like a Professional Speaker from Boeing (Interview)

Loventrice Farrow works at Boeing as a HR communications specialist with over 20 years in HR and organizational development. She is a dissertation away from completing her PhD in Organizational Leadership. She can be reached via Linkedin and you can find out more about her experiences there. Q. Loventrice, with all the work you’re putting […]