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Moving from a Talent Culture to a People Culture

In an article on his blog, HR thought leader Josh Bersin described what he sees as the importance of the human resources function in engaging and quantifying employees. He argues that HR should be interested in people management rather than talent management. But what does this mean? Bersin suggests HR professionals stop thinking about the […]

Inspiring Passionate Employees: Why “Employee Engagement” isn’t the Answer

Employee engagement is a phrase that is thrown around a lot and companies spend significant resources trying to improve engagement within organizations. We recently attended a conference focused on what HR professionals can do to increase employee engagement. Companies are looking for the latest tips and tricks to make their employees happy and love their […]

GigaOM: The employee-centric evolution of HR software

GigaOM includes Bloomfire in its article on the consumerization of IT as it continues to change what employees expect from their devices and software. A reliance on employee-centric recruiting software is also changing how employees interact with HR. The article touts Bloomfire’s ability to create social learning environments by helping employees connect with colleagues or […]

Bloomfire wins the Learning Leaders 2012 Award for Vendor Innovation in Informal Learning from Bersin & Associates

Bloomfire wins the Learning Leaders 2012 Award for Vendor Innovation in Informal Learning from Bersin & Associates, joining the ranks of other Learning Leaders such as Xerox, Hewlett-Packard, AT&T, Accenture, and Marriott International. Bersin & Associates Announces the 2012 Learning Leaders(TM) Winners and Complimentary Research Report Showcasing Strategies for Success

Combating the Loss of Knowledge and Experience When an Employee Leaves

Kristie Swenson works with Seed & Crop Protection Products for WinField Solutions, a Land O’Lakes, Inc. company. Her job encourages her to partner with cooperative agronomists and producers in order to share agronomic insights and to ensure understanding of product placement and usage. Agricultural literacy and youth development are two of Kristie’s passions. Kristie can […]