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Infographic Spotlight: Knowledge Management For Customer Service

Customers can be difficult to wrangle — and it’s important to provide them with the very best service whether it’s in person, on the phone, or online. Companies with strong knowledge management systems can rustle up an amazing experience that will keep clients coming back for more. A recent infographic from Bloomfire focuses on knowledge management […]

Practical knowledge social learning ROI

Infographic Spotlight: The Social Learning Circus

Most organizations invest in training, but don’t provide the kind of training that caters to how people learn. A classroom isn’t the best place to discover the practical knowledge and everyday tricks that top performers use to be more effective. New technology is making it easier to share this “tribal knowledge” with new, current, and […]

The Social Learning Circus (Infographic)

We’re excited to share our brand new infographic on how most organizations invest in the wrong kind of training – it doesn’t cater to how people learn. Click on the image below to open a larger version of the infographic for easy viewing. The infographic is a companion to an eBook, “Knowledge Management and Training: […]

customer service and self-service channels on wood blocks

Driving Customer Success with Self-Service Channels (Infographic)

When working in customer success, it may sometimes feel like your customers are difficult to wrangle, especially when they’re reaching out to you across multiple channels. Fortunately, self-service channels, such as online knowledge bases, can help lighten your load and deliver an experience your customers love. We’re excited to share our brand new infographic on […]

Infographic: Why Your Sales Team Needs Knowledge Management

We’re excited to share a new infographic on the benefits of smart knowledge management for enabling your sales team. Click on the image below to open a larger version of the infographic for easy viewing. To learn more, check out our white paper,“How a Knowledge Management System Empowers Your Sales Team.” It explores the challenges today’s […]

Content Marketing Infographic

Both AdWeek‘s “SocialTimes” blog and Business 2 Community shared the infographic we created on content marketing. Excerpt from Business 2 Community: You’re not alone if you suspect the whole content marketing thing could be going more smoothly. According to a new infographic (below) from the team at Bloomfire, 70% of marketers say their content programs lack consistency and […]

An Internal Culture of Content Infographic

We’re excited to share a new infographic on how to create a culture of content within your organization. Fostering an environment where knowledge sharing is encouraged can support your content marketing efforts as well. Click on the image below to open a larger version of the infographic for easy viewing. You can also download the […]

Got Issues? A Knowledge Base Can Solve It

Do you find yourself complaining of ‘information overload’? Do you have a hard time finding information when you need it? If so, you aren’t alone. Let Bloomfire be the knowledge base that solves your information problems. View Larger

Do More With Less

Every year U.S. businesses spend $125 billion on employee learning and training. That number can be reduce simply by implementing mobile learning technologies within an organization. There will no longer be a need for planes, trains, and automobiles in order to get to a training classroom. Employees will be able to access their training materials […]

Wikis: From the Beginning of Time

The very first version of a ‘Wiki‘ was introduced in 1945 by a gentleman named Vannevar Bush. Fifty years later WikiWikiWeb launches for the first time under the domain c2.com. As a result of the past work done in the ‘Wiki’ space we now have a revolutionary knowledge sharing tool. Bloomfire not only enhances human memory it connects the […]

Tips and Tricks to Ensure Leadership Training Sticks

Billions of dollars are spent annually on ‘leadership’ training for employees. Employers not only need to focus on the ‘training’ aspect but the steps taken after said training to assist in helping their employees retain that knowledge while excelling in their leadership roles. An individual cannot just sit through ‘leadership’ training and expect to automatically become […]

Pioneering the Knowledge Sharing Revolution

Adoption of social technology is already on the rise and is predicted to increase rapidly within the next few years. Gartner predicts the increase to positively affect 50% of large organizations with 30% of those considering their social network as crucial as email and telephone. Will you be an early adopter? Learn more more about the different […]

Infographic Fun! The Knowledge Generator

One of the top complaints amongst employees is the lack of tools needed to do their job, and do it well. Managers can actually create a knowledge generating powerhouse within their team by providing them with the right collaboration platform. Once they have access to such tool they can start cranking out powerful content, ideas, […]

The Knowledge Sharing Journey

On the journey to a true knowledge sharing culture, there are both milestones and pitfalls. Make sure you follow the map and realize knowledge sharing in a way you never thought possible. Follow the five milestones below and make sure to avoid any of the pitfalls. Once you are to the end you will receive […]

abacus representing early mobile learning

Mobile Learning: A Timeline from the Abacus to the Smartphone

You may think that mobile learning is a relatively recent concept that only applies to educational apps on smartphones and tablets. But we’re making the case that mobile learning has a much longer history, and we’ve got an infographic to back that claim up. Take a look at how mobile learning has changed in the […]