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graduates celebrating together after social corporate learning program

Corporate Learning: Make It Social

Think about the two or three most meaningful learning experiences of your career. What did you learn? Where did you learn these lessons or skills, and from whom? How did you come to realize that these would be among the most important learning experiences of your professional life? Chances are high that your top workplace […]

Today’s Lesson: Social Learning (Infographic)

We’re excited to share our brand new infographic on the benefits and value of social learning. Click on the image below to open a larger version of the infographic for easy viewing. To dig deeper, check out our white paper,“Social Learning and The Future of Work.” It discusses the value of social learning in corporate education […]

worker looking bored is sign of employee disengagement

Is Employee Disengagement Costing Your Company?

Would you be surprised to learn that employee disengagement is costing the United States $370 billion annually due to productivity loss? It’s crazy to think that employees who hate their jobs are actually costing the US money. On a positive note, employees who love their jobs and who are highly engaged help save their company […]

Warm Response from TechKnowledge Conference 2010

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, step right up to see the next generation of learning tools—Bloomfire. Recently the Bloomfire team attended ASTD’s TechKnowledge Conference in Las Vegas to offer a sneak preview to the training and development community. The conference is attended by a wide variety of individuals from implementers of eLearning to savvy […]

You’re Out of Your Mind!

  Jay Cross, chair of the Internet Time Alliance in Berkeley, kicked off a meeting of the Chief Learning Officer Executive Network at Symantec in Mountain View, CA where he presented on Working Smarter in the Enterprise. His valuable study gives us insight into how  we learn and work, how we used to work and […]

IBM Manager Expands on His Informal Learning Management Report (Interview)

Sachin Gaur works at IBM as a Business & Technical Leadership Partner, part of the India HR organization, facilitating the identification and development of Business & Technical Leaders for the largest business unit of IBM India with more than 40,000 people. His key responsibilities also include succession planning, managing informal learning and placement of key […]

HP Training Manager: How to Turn Training Seen as “Cost” into Training Seen as “Investment” (Interview)

VS Girish Kumar is the Center Training Manager in Hewlett-Packard’s (HP) Training and Knowledge Management department. He is responsible for being a change catalyst by managing new hire on-boarding and training, managing content from knowledge transfer to business-as-usual, and developing a road-map for knowledge management towards maturity. You can contact Kumar directly via Linkedin. Q. […]

Gary Wise of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital on Formal vs. Informal Learning and More

Gary Wise is a learning and performance improvement professional with a rich background in learning strategy development—integrator of holistic learning design methodology—and a passionate yet prudent advocate in application of Web & Learning 2.0 learning technology. With 30 years of formal background in training and performance consulting that drives emphasis on building measurable, sustainable performance […]

How Mobile Learning & Globalization Mixes

Frank Jaquez is an Instructional Designer in the Overseas Division at Bank of America. He is primarily responsible for providing learning solutions for over 90 banking centers located on military bases in Europe and Asia Pacific in support of their business goals. Frank also serves on the executive board of directors for the San Antonio […]

Top 10 Nuggets of Knowledge from DevLearn 2009

  1. “The word social is overused” Andrew McAfee – Executives think of Woodstock and free love. If you’re trying to be innovative within your organization, tread lightly on the word social and underscore other words like collaborative, engagement, productivity, transparency, and communication. 3. “mLearning is not about courses, it’s about content” Clark Quinn – A common misconception about […]

Clayton Christensen’s #1 Rule for Effective Teaching

  In a recent conversation with Clayton Christensen, he reminded me that people learn when they are ready to learn, not when we are ready to teach them. This comment is so true and applies to all aspects of learning from grade school to corporate learning to recreational learning. Have you ever tried to teach something to […]