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How to Effectively Work with Global Teams

At my last company, I managed a team that included members located in Asia Pacific (APAC), Europe (EMEA), and South America. The team was made up both of colleagues within my company, and employees of the PR agencies we worked with. Global teams can be great because you may working with people who are experts […]

How to Keep Salespeople Informed While Working Remotely

A survey revealed an 80 percent increase in telecommuting employees from 2005 to 2012. Sales reps have been “telecommuting,” essentially working on the road – for years. From street peddlers to door-to-door salesmen to pharmacy reps, people who depend on sales to make a living have always traveled. Success in a sales role often requires […]

Five Ways To Drive Online Corporate Training Participation

Five Ways To Drive Online Corporate Training Participation

I’m often surprised at how slowly most corporate training is changing as compared with other areas inside the enterprise. The corporate training classroom looks the same as it did twenty years ago in many cases – with students sitting at desks and the trainer sharing their knowledge at the front of the room. I don’t […]

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Want More Productive Meetings? Tell a Joke!

Thanks to my joke-loving colleague Bheeshmar for sharing the results of a new study that shows the relationship between humor and productive team meetings. The study investigated the relationship between humor patterns in team interactions and team performance. So, lets take a break for a little marketing humor, shall we?! How many marketers does it […]

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Six Easy and Effective Ways to Use Video for Marketing

Video is the king of all media when it comes to potential reach. 1.8 billion users log into YouTube every month. Half of all internet users in the U.S. watch videos every single day. And according to Marketing Sherpa, embedding video in emails is said to boost conversion rates by as much as 50 percent. In addition […]

Productivity Tools and the Cloud

According to new research from Gartner, most productivity tools will be delivered and available only from the cloud by 2018. In the not-too-distant past, CIOs of large enterprises would only consider software that could be hosted on-premise for security reasons. They didn’t trust the cloud. Now, they do. Traditionally on-premise solutions like Microsoft Office, Lync, […]

How Remote Workers are Changing the Office

We read an interesting piece by John Boitnott in Inc. on how the growth of remote working is changing the makeup of the office. The article discusses the modern office that may include: Shared Desks where two or more employees share a desk and schedule times they will be using it on different times of […]

Why You Need a Social Customer Care Program

Today, the best-in-class customer service companies are providing care where their customers prefer to interact. This goes beyond the phone to live chat, email, and of course, to social media as well. Many of our customers use Bloomfire for customer service and support – they need a place where they can seed content that their […]

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What Is Social Business?

Back in 2009, Peter Kim was the first to use the term ‘social business’ to describe new ways of collaborating that have changed the way we work and connect. Now, we’re defining social business as the integrated application of social technology across the enterprise – connecting people and the knowledge they need to get work done. We […]

The Austin Social Business Community

Today, Trey Tramonte, our president and CEO wrote an article for The Austin Business Journal‘s TechFlash blog on how Austin’s unique culture fosters the growth of companies that are contributing to the rise of businesses becoming more social. We’re proud to be part of Austin’s social business and startup community, and wanted to share a list of […]