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benefits of a knowledge base

5 Benefits Of A Knowledge Base

As your organization grows, employees need a space to connect with each other and with the information that allows them to do their jobs well. Information that is readily available helps teams make more informed decisions: customer support can resolve problems faster, marketing can produce more useful content,  sales can close deals faster, and insights […]

small and large apples represent knowledge sharing challenges for companies of all sizes

How to Overcome Knowledge Management Challenges in Large Organizations

Alright, we’ve all been wondering, and now it’s time to solve this mystery once and for all. Does size actually matter in your knowledge sharing community? We’re about to find out. First things first, let’s define size in the context of knowledge management software. Size refers to both the number of users and the volume […]

three strategies for successful knowledge transfer

3 Strategies for Successful Knowledge Transfer

Oh, look, there goes another valued member of your team, leaving the organization with a huge treasure trove of information and insights amassed during his or her tenure. It happens all the time – no great surprise when 10,000 baby boomers are retiring every day and recruiters are advising people to change jobs every three years. […]

informal office meeting about digital workplace transformation

Why a Digital Workplace Transformation Requires a Fundamental Shift

We live in the age of the digital workplace transformation, and companies are investing heavily in digital solutions to keep up with the times. Unfortunately, many organizations seem to think that merely purchasing a digital solution is the final step of undergoing a digital transformation. It’s not.   When you buy a DIY perm kit […]

Portrait of a confused woman searching an FAQ page

How to Create a FAQ Page that Will Win Over Customers and Prospects

We all know that we would do anything within our power short of sacrificing our first born if it means avoiding a long, irritating phone call. Visiting the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page is often customers and prospects’ first move when they encounter a problem and want to resolve it independently, or have a question […]

woman with smartphone trying to transcribe video to text

Knowledge Management Solutions Need Video Transcription

We’ve all been victims of voice text. Whether Siri pulls up the wrong location or you send your friend a slightly awkward text message, voice recognition certainly isn’t perfect. And when you think about it, it shouldn’t be too surprising that it’s challenging to transcribe video to text. The Complexities of Voice Transcription Overall, speech […]

aligning sales and marketing

The Marketing Manager’s Intro Guide to Sales Enablement

Could Sherlock Holmes solve mysteries without Watson? Could Forrest Gump realize his dream of operating a shrimping boat without Bubba? Could Marlin find Nemo without Dori? The answer is no, and in the same way these famous duos support each other, your sales team needs your marketing team’s help to close the deal. Smarketing departments […]

stacks of folders containing sales enablement content

Sales Enablement Content That Should Live in Your Knowledge Base

Dig into just about any recent study on sales performance and you’ll find plenty of cause for concern. On average, only 54.6 percent of sales reps are meeting their quotas, according to CSO Insights. Qvidian cites data that puts the number at just 50 percent, year after year. And many sources point to SiriusDecisions’ finding […]

3 Problems to Consider When You Implement a Knowledge Base System

3 Problems to Consider When You Implement a Knowledge Base System

Let’s say you’ve just been asked to implement a knowledge base system. Maybe you have some best-practice documents to store for your sales team or simply want to share wifi passwords to internal teams. It seems easy enough, right? You start with a wiki and a file dump. Then the feedback and feature requests start […]

two arrows representing knowledge sharing vs social intranet choice

Knowledge Sharing Solutions: Knowledge Base Vs Social Intranet

You know there is a communication problem with your team. Knowledge is siloed and experts end up devoting a large part of their day answering questions. You know you need to keep your team connected and foster a positive, open culture. But how do you solve that problem? There are two distinct paths many organizations […]

ghost town illustrating why knowledge management fails

7 Deadly Sins That Will Turn Your Knowledge Management System Into A Ghost Town

One of the spookiest facts about knowledge management systems is the failure rate. It’s estimated to be around 50 percent. Even more discouraging, 75 percent of businesses abandon new knowledge management systems within three years. There are many reasons why knowledge management fails. We’ve come up with seven deadly sins that can cause your knowledge […]

creating internal communication videos concept

5 Tips For Adding Internal Communication Videos To Your Knowledge Base

According to Forrester research, watching a one-minute video has the impact of reading 1.8 million words. And over 65 percent of the population learns visually, according to Mind Tools. Nearly every company focuses on creating videos for external audiences. But given the power of video, it’s no wonder that teams are turning to video as a […]

Blog Roundup: Content Curation & Creation

  For Bloomfire clients and those responsible for knowledgebases and intranets in general, having current, relevant content is important. We’ve gathered four of our recent blog posts on the topic to help you create and curate content that is engaging, helpful, and inspiring.   Curating Content For Your Intranet: Avoiding Pitfalls Adding curated information to your […]

importance of knowledge sharing in an organization

Blog Roundup: Information Hoarding In The Workplace

Imagine a house filled with wall-to-wall cardboard boxes – this is what comes to mind for most people when they think of hoarding. But today, companies have hoarding problems of their own, and we’re not talking about bad filing systems. Most companies have problems with sharing information and making it easily accessible for others within […]

improve customer service

Using Knowledge Management To Improve Customer Service

One of the most common uses of a knowledge sharing platform like Bloomfire is to improve customer service by making answers and information easily accessible. Check out these Bloomfire posts to learn more. Help Your Customers Help Themselves 94 percent of customers respond well to low-effort experiences to resolve their issues. Presenting customers with a […]

hikers helping each other up mountain representing knowledge sharing

How to Leverage the Knowledge of Your Sales Team

It’s often a couple of strategies, tactics, and habits that separate the A-Players and B-Players on a sales team. One of the challenges these teams face is figuring out how to leverage A-Players so they can effectively share their best-kept secrets. This starts with creating an environment where trust and collaboration are built into the […]

knowledge management for customer service earns five star rating

3 Ways to Employ Knowledge Management for Customer Service

There’s a need for speed in the world of customer service. According to one survey, 69 percent of consumers attributed their good customer service experience to quick resolution of their problem. Fortunately, technology is making it easier for customer service reps to quickly find the information they need. One tool customer service teams can use […]

executive buy-in

Securing Executive Buy-In for a Knowledge Base

In very large organizations, the demand for knowledge management solutions often comes from the top. The CEO, the board of directors, or another high-level leader will establish the initiative, fund it, and see it through. For other organizations, though, the quest for more effective knowledge sharing tools usually begins in one of three functional areas […]

Questions and Answers in Customer Service

Last week, I was with a friend at a big box retailer so that she could upgrade from the iPhone 5 to the 6. I hadn’t been to this kind of store in a long time. Like most people these days, I buy most things online. My friend typically did, too, but for instant gratification, […]

Are We in the Era of Impatience?

Watching Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory the other day it suddenly hit me… I’m turning into Veruca Salt! You remember Veruca – the spoiled one who wanted everything, immediately?! Well turns out, I want answers… I want them now. I don’t want to wait for the morning to figure out how to do something… […]

Reduce Turnover with Effective Onboarding and Training

Training costs are spiraling out of control, and you’re not getting your money’s worth with today’s current methods of training. On average, companies spend $1,067 on formal training per employee per year.  And, in total, U.S. Businesses invest $125 billion per year in employee learning and training.(ASTD) This is a loss of billions of dollars in training […]

SMS Masterminds Centralizes Licensee Communications with Bloomfire

SMS Masterminds helps small businesses better engage with their customers through the use of SMS/text messaging, social media and email. Their ‘Loyalty Rewards Kiosk’ makes it easy for customers to check in using their phone number, earning rewards with each visit, and get notified with offers from the merchant. Based in San Luis Obisbo, California, […]

soccer ball in front of goal represents scoring with sales training ideas

Four Sales Training Ideas for Scoring With New Hires

Let’s be honest. Training workshops can be boring. Many trainers can hold their audience’s attention for about five minutes before attendees are in their own world, dreaming about being anywhere other than another sales training class. You want these few hours (hopefully not days) of training to be valuable and not a waste of everyone’s […]

Meet Jack Vinson

This post is part of a series of profiles on some of our favorite knowledge management, social business, and employee engagement experts. Tell me about your career The long form is best found on my blog on my about me page. The short form is that I trained as a chemical engineer (PhD), worked in the pharmaceutical industry, […]

Thank you Dreamforce for a Darn Good Time!

Dreamforce 2013 was the biggest and best yet. There wasn’t a square inch of San Francisco that wasn’t crawling with Dreamforce attendees looking for the latest and greatest apps. Everyone was excited about the compelling keynotes and the exciting things vendors had to offer. Three main takeaways from Dreamforce 2013: Mobile is hot and huge: […]

Meet Jose Carlos Favero

This post is part of a series of profiles on some of our favorite knowledge management, social business, and employee engagement experts. Tell me about your career From my early days at college I was intrigued by Knowledge Management and the possibility to be able to steer forward any organization by securing the means to identify, capture […]

Got Issues? A Knowledge Base Can Solve It

Do you find yourself complaining of ‘information overload’? Do you have a hard time finding information when you need it? If so, you aren’t alone. Let Bloomfire be the knowledge base that solves your information problems. View Larger

Knowledge Management: The New Way

Traditional knowledge management tools leave a lot to be desired. Fortunately, Bloomfire is chock full of great features which make it a revolutionary knowledge base. Which would you find most useful (traditional KM or Bloomfire)? Let us know in the comments section. View Larger

Information Overload: Too much is too much

Do you ever watch an episode of Mad Men and get jealous? No, I’m not talking about the mid-day drinking or the afternoon naps, I’m talking about the amount of input we have now compared with what our parents, and our grandparents were expected to take in at the office. Every modern worker suffers from […]

Top 5 Uses of Knowledge Base Tools

The way we collaborate/communicate is changing. We now need to be able to communicate across and within organizational structures: Top-down, bottom-up, horizontal, cross team, and cross-functionalKnowledge base tools are allowing us to do just that. Below you will find the top 5 ways to use a knowledge base tool to collaborate across boarders. View Larger

Knowledge Management Budget: It’s Hard to Come By

As an employer, you want to save time, be more productive, and increase the cohesion among your team. Finding the right way to do this is always the challenge. Fortunately, there are tools out there that are cost effective that enable employees to be more productive and work together as a team. There is both […]

Reduce Costs with Knowledge Sharing

According to Gartner, up to 72% of the cost of customer service interactions is in salaries for customer service representatives and agents. Reduce cost by introducing a web based self-service community for customer service which should consist of a blend of email, chat, document creation, Q&A, and a videoing capability. Through 2015, at least 80% of organizations […]

Meet Bill Cushard

This post is part of a series of profiles on some of our favorite knowledge management, social business, and employee engagement experts. Tell me about your career I got started in training early in my career, while working for an online broker in the mid-90s, and we were hiring very quickly. One Monday morning, HR came […]