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Avoid These 3 Pitfalls To Increase Engagement In Your Knowledge Management Solution

So, you’ve got a little problem with employee engagement in your knowledge management solution. Users who were once active have gone AWOL. This happens, but before you immediately jump into brainstorming solutions, it’s important to take a look at why those users became inactive. When you go to the doctor because you’re experiencing symptoms, you […]

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How Metagenics Used Bloomfire To Successfully Expand Knowledge Sharing Across Its Departments

Dr. Mark A. Kaye, the Director of Medical Information at Metagenics, is passionate about knowledge, learning, and teaching. He has worked at Metagenics for more than 20 years and manages the medical clinical information department. Metagenics produces nutritional supplements, medical foods and develops lifestyle medicine programs designed for the health professional. In addition to direct […]

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So, You Think You Want A Wiki

So, you think you want a wiki. You may be right. But we at Bloomfire think it’s only fair that you’re provided with all the information necessary to make the right decision for managing knowledge in your organization. And what better way to illustrate the differences between the two than with cheese? Think back to […]

3 Reasons Your IT Team Needs a Knowledge Management Solution

It’s not surprising Network and Computer Systems Administrator is the fourth most stressful job in tech according to CIO.com. And the demands put on IT departments are not slowing down. Teams are expected to manage users, secure loopholes in the network and more. Additionally IT leaders are expected to keep up with the latest trends […]