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search bar represents one of the best knowledge sharing features

7 Features Of The Best Knowledge Sharing Solutions

Gone are the days of cluttered email inboxes, sifting through thousands files to find that one document you need, wasting hours of each work week searching for information, and desperately tracking down information as people leave the company. More and more organizations are turning to knowledge sharing solutions to promote collaboration and productivity in the […]

successful knowledge management implementation

The 11 Factors Of Successful Knowledge Management Implementation

It’s estimated that organizations spend anywhere from 3 percent to 7 percent of their revenue on technology.  If technology is not implemented correctly or if you don’t adequately prepare your employees for change, it can be a huge drain on your company. It can cost you millions of dollars as a direct result of loss […]

locked box information hoarding concept

Five Signs Your Company Has an Information Hoarding Problem

Decades worth of newspapers piled to the ceiling, enough canned goods to sustain you through 10 apocalypses, and, dare we say it, far too many cats. These are the images typically associated with hoarding, and there’s no doubt about it; the effects are detrimental. Who could ever find what they’re looking for in a home […]

co-workers gathered around laptop demonstrating knowledge manager skills

Three Knowledge Manager Skills Essential To Success

The specific tasks of an organization’s Knowledge Manager will depend on the size, needs, and capabilities of that organization. For example, some Knowledge Managers will manage large teams while others will be a one-person department. Generally speaking, Knowledge Managers work cross-functionally with departments and teams to establish company knowledge, improve its functionality, establish metrics for […]

breaking down silos

Five Strategies For Breaking Down Silos In The Workplace

By now, you have likely heard the phrase “departmental silos.” Buzzy as it may be, the silos analogy is a spot on depiction of what occurs within many organizations. As each department grows and develops, each becomes more inclined to operate independently. As growth continues departments become more isolated, blocking the information flow across and […]

wobbly Jenga tower representing traditional knowledge management problems

The Biggest Knowledge Management Problems (And How to Overcome Them)

The cost of knowledge management problems is familiar territory. Whether trying to find information after an employee leaves the company, or trying to manage files and content in a less-than-ideal system, the fallout of mismanaged information results in costly delays, lost sales, and hours of wasted time. With the growing popularity of knowledge management systems, […]

Group of coworkers knowledge sharing

5 Ways To Increase Knowledge Sharing In Your Organization

Whether you have an unorganized heap of knowledge or a knowledge hoarding problem, many organizations fall flat when it comes to knowledge management. When individuals struggle to access information they need to perform their jobs to the best of their abilities, your company’s bottom line suffers. For those of you who are unfamiliar, knowledge hoarding […]

Encourage Knowledge Sharing

5 Ways to Encourage Knowledge Sharing Within Your Organization

Poor sharing skills were a problem for some in kindergarten, and they’re a problem for many today in the workplace. When individuals struggle to access the information they need because others are unwilling or lack the tools to share it, the whole organization suffers. This is knowledge hoarding. Knowledge hoarding causes distrust among employees, halts […]

implementation of knowledge management in organizations

The Metrics That Marketers Need from Knowledge Management Strategies

The implementation of knowledge management in organizations is usually measured on one very succinct metric: return on investment.  Of course, the definition of ROI is  dependent on the overall goals of your company, but the best way to determine value is to first ensure your strategy is giving your team members what they need to be […]

importance of knowledge management when someone is OOO

Your Business Doesn’t Stop When Someone Leaves The Office

Summer is here, so get ready to see a lot more out-of-office replies in your inbox over the next few months. And not just from outside contacts: your team members are planning summer vacations, too. When someone is out of the office, business doesn’t stop. It’s important for other employees to be able to step […]

robot handyman with screws thinking about digital transformation solutions

Unfulfilled Promises Of A Digital Workplace

The promise of the digital workplace seemed clear: spend more on technology, and your workforce gains productivity. However, over the last 10 years, this relationship has gotten out of whack. According to an article in the Harvard Business Review, increased technology spending hasn’t been impacting productivity growth the way it once did. Why? It seems […]

People working to build a marketing tech stack

Five Best Practices For Building Your Marketing Tech Stack

In 2017, there were almost 5000 marketing tech vendors in the marketplace, compared to a paltry 150 in 2011. With more marketing software available than ever before, you’ve never had more choices to make. While this number may initially be overwhelming, it’s a blessing in disguise. Your opportunities to achieve marketing tech stack success are constantly […]

knowledge-centered support

Eight Steps to Reaching Knowledge-Centered Support Nirvana: Pt. 2

In Part One of this post, we began a discussion surrounding the eight steps to achieving knowledge-centered support, beginning with the four steps of the solve loop: Capture knowledge. Structure knowledge. Reuse knowledge. Improve knowledge. But the work doesn’t stop there. Do you think you can reach nirvana by laying down your yoga mat, lighting […]

Converting info into digital format, also called Digitization of business.

Digitization of Business: What Is This Digital Transformation?

Buzzwords. You love em,’ you hate em,’ but regardless, you use them every day. You catch yourself saying things like synergize, in the wheelhouse, or scaling up and you may roll your eyes, but those phrases are just so darn useful in the workplace. But what about digitization? How does digitization of business relate to […]

A team creating business growth systems

How To Create Operational Systems for Business Growth

Working at a growing company can be exciting. In many ways, the experience embodies something very of-the-moment. Seeing a company grow from 10 to 50, or even from 500 to 1,000, employees brings about ideas of the mythical start-up that went from 2 guys in a garage to a successful IPO. It’s no wonder entrepreneurship […]

block of cheese representing wiki pros and cons

Thinking About a Corporate Wiki? Pros and Cons to Consider

So, you think you want a wiki. You may be right. But we at Bloomfire think it’s only fair that you’re provided with all the information necessary to make the right decision for managing knowledge in your organization. And what better way to illustrate the differences between the two than with cheese? Think back to […]

rocket launch demonstrating power of effective sales enablement platform

Sales Productivity Tools For Success In The Year Ahead

Thinking about new ways to boost sales speed and efficiency in the upcoming year? Well, here’s something to ponder in your next quarterly planning meeting: the fastest driver in the world won’t get you there in time just speeding from traffic jam to traffic jam – but a fast driver who also knows the best […]

Young woman managing knowledge via email at coffee shop

Why Knowledge Management Is Your Best Accessory In “The Death Of Email” Debate

Sometimes the tech industry is as cut throat as the fashion industry. Email has been a classic silhouette for decades. It’s a fantastic foundational piece that stays in your closet for years and evolves gracefully with other trends. But as businesses evaluate their tech stacks for productivity, it’s got experts asking: Is email still fab? […]

Light bulbs representing better knowledge management

How Better Knowledge Management Improves Training

There’s no denying organizations pour a large amount of time and resources into training new hires, but have you ever stopped to calculate just how much? According to the Association for Talent Development’s State of the Industry Report, organizations spend an average of $1,208 per employee and 31.5 hours per year on training and development. […]

Elegant Thanksgiving turkey dinner

5 Reasons We’re Thankful for Our Customers

First and foremost, Thanksgiving is a time for eating. Turkey consumption (or tofurkey, for you health-conscious types) takes priority over all other things this week. If you’re enjoying a nice tofurkey meal this Thursday, we’ll think of you as we get down and dirty on some deep-fried turkey legs. We’re just joking… This week is […]

importance of knowledge management in it

Three Reasons Why Your IT Team Needs A Knowledge Management Solution

It’s not surprising Network and Computer Systems Administrator is the fourth most stressful job in tech, according to CIO.com. And the demands put on IT departments are not slowing down. Teams are expected to manage users, secure loopholes in the network, and more. Additionally, IT leaders are expected to keep up with the latest trends in […]

Medieval philosopher reading the 5 commandments of launching a knowledge management system

The 5 Commandments of Launching a Knowledge Management Solution

Follow the five commandments of launching a knowledge management solution, and your team will be collaborating like never before, saving time, and increasing productivity and ROI. 1. Thou shalt not purchase a KMS without doing the proper research. Not all knowledge management solutions are created equal, and not all possess the right features to suit […]

young marketers on phones developing a social media strategy

Developing a Social Media Strategy to Turn Prospects into Customers

Take a moment to remember all those late nights you pulled in college (and the ungodly amount of coffee you consumed). Did you ever spend hours pouring your heart and soul into a paper, only to receive a poor grade because the professor did not believe you properly addressed the prompt? Because you didn’t see […]

Businessperson typing on laptop representing knowledge management in financial services

3 Things Financial Services Organizations Need in a Knowledge Sharing Solution

Here’s a riddle for everyone in the financial services industry. Q: How many contact center representatives does it take to keep customers happy yet still operate efficiently? A: As few as possible – if you have an effective system for knowledge sharing. Banks, credit unions, and others who provide financial services today have a tough […]

small and large apples represent knowledge sharing challenges for companies of all sizes

How to Overcome Knowledge Management Challenges in Large Organizations

Alright, we’ve all been wondering, and now it’s time to solve this mystery once and for all. Does size actually matter in your knowledge sharing community? We’re about to find out. First things first, let’s define size in the context of knowledge management software. Size refers to both the number of users and the volume […]

informal office meeting about digital workplace transformation

Why a Digital Workplace Transformation Requires a Fundamental Shift

We live in the age of the digital workplace transformation, and companies are investing heavily in digital solutions to keep up with the times. Unfortunately, many organizations seem to think that merely purchasing a digital solution is the final step of undergoing a digital transformation. It’s not.   When you buy a DIY perm kit […]

Several IT professionals discuss sales enablement platform

3 Things Your IT Director Wants You To Know Before You Pick A Sales Enablement Solution

Sometimes it seems like your IT Director is from Mars and you’re from Venus. After months of trying to find the software to align your sales and marketing teams, you’ve finally discovered the best sales enablement platform. It meets all the criteria you’ve been looking for and you’re excited to purchase it, only for your […]

woman with smartphone trying to transcribe video to text

Knowledge Management Solutions Need Video Transcription

We’ve all been victims of voice text. Whether Siri pulls up the wrong location or you send your friend a slightly awkward text message, voice recognition certainly isn’t perfect. And when you think about it, it shouldn’t be too surprising that it’s challenging to transcribe video to text. The Complexities of Voice Transcription Overall, speech […]

Barista providing excellent customer service demonstrating how to improve the customer experience

How to Improve the Customer Experience with Knowledge Management

There’s a reason many of us drag ourselves to Starbucks every morning and pay over five dollars for an average cup of coffee. We’re not just paying for the beverage; we’re paying for the experience. In that same vein, your company’s customers have high standards for their customer experience. As technology continues to advance, shaping […]

aligning sales and marketing

The Marketing Manager’s Intro Guide to Sales Enablement

Could Sherlock Holmes solve mysteries without Watson? Could Forrest Gump realize his dream of operating a shrimping boat without Bubba? Could Marlin find Nemo without Dori? The answer is no, and in the same way these famous duos support each other, your sales team needs your marketing team’s help to close the deal. Smarketing departments […]

Gift bag of branded company products and a new employee itinerary illustrate employee onboarding best practices

3 Employee Onboarding Best Practices

As a manager or business leader, you don’t want your recent hires to feel like they’re the new kids in school, not sure where their first class is or who to ask for help. Following a few employee onboarding best practices can help you bring new hires up to speed quickly and make them a […]

Man brainstorming and organizing marketing and business knowledge

9 Knowledge Management Software Must-Haves

If you’re searching for a knowledge sharing software, there are some pretty important things you are probably already looking for, like ease of use and powerful search. However, you may know that the gems of certain softwares can be in the details. Whether you’re looking for new knowledge management software or trying to improve your […]

3 Problems to Consider When You Implement a Knowledge Base System

3 Problems to Consider When You Implement a Knowledge Base System

Let’s say you’ve just been asked to implement a knowledge base system. Maybe you have some best-practice documents to store for your sales team or simply want to share wifi passwords to internal teams. It seems easy enough, right? You start with a wiki and a file dump. Then the feedback and feature requests start […]

social learning at work with employees at computers

5 Tips To Increase Social Learning at Work

As an HR professional, you understand there are numerous benefits to social learning (employees gaining knowledge from one another rather than in a structured training setting). It’s more flexible and cost-effective than traditional learning methods, encourages engagement and participation, and improves collaboration. What’s harder to understand is what tactics HR professionals can use to improve […]

ghost town illustrating why knowledge management fails

7 Deadly Sins That Will Turn Your Knowledge Management System Into A Ghost Town

One of the spookiest facts about knowledge management systems is the failure rate. It’s estimated to be around 50 percent. Even more discouraging, 75 percent of businesses abandon new knowledge management systems within three years. There are many reasons why knowledge management fails. We’ve come up with seven deadly sins that can cause your knowledge […]

Your Employees Prefer Social Learning

While there are many things you can reasonably teach employees during onboarding, some of the most important skills and techniques will always be learned best from other people in the company. In most jobs, there’s information employees will need to reference every once in a while that you can try to teach them during training, […]

Letting Employees Choose Where and How to Learn

The idea that everything must be covered during onboarding has become outdated. Businesses can help new employees quickly transition into their positions by providing the most valuable information at the right time. Bill Cushard, head of training at ServiceRocket, argues that many businesses are trying to fit too much information into the onboarding period. “So […]

Practical knowledge

Practical Knowledge Beats The Training Manual

You know that the time and resources your company sinks into training new hires each year is costing you, but have you ever really calculated how much? Research conducted by the Association for Talent Development (ATD) found that organizations spend $1,798 on average for every hour of employee training. That’s a sizable investment, and it’s […]

improve customer service

Using Knowledge Management To Improve Customer Service

One of the most common uses of a knowledge sharing platform like Bloomfire is to improve customer service by making answers and information easily accessible. Check out these Bloomfire posts to learn more. Help Your Customers Help Themselves 94 percent of customers respond well to low-effort experiences to resolve their issues. Presenting customers with a […]

knowledge management for customer service earns five star rating

3 Ways to Employ Knowledge Management for Customer Service

There’s a need for speed in the world of customer service. According to one survey, 69 percent of consumers attributed their good customer service experience to quick resolution of their problem. Fortunately, technology is making it easier for customer service reps to quickly find the information they need. One tool customer service teams can use […]

customer service and self-service channels on wood blocks

Driving Customer Success with Self-Service Channels (Infographic)

When working in customer success, it may sometimes feel like your customers are difficult to wrangle, especially when they’re reaching out to you across multiple channels. Fortunately, self-service channels, such as online knowledge bases, can help lighten your load and deliver an experience your customers love. We’re excited to share our brand new infographic on […]

salesperson with tablet using knowledge management solutions for sales

What to Look for in a Knowledge Management Solution for Sales

Maybe your sales team members are already using a CRM but are still struggling to find the information they need to engage leads with the right message at the right team. Enter the knowledge management solution for sales: a searchable platform where your sales team can store all relevant information, from notes on sales calls […]

How a Social Knowledge Network Makes a Difference

The role a knowledge management system plays for each sales department will always vary based on the company’s particular needs and approach. But many companies that have put one to use for their sales team have seen a difference. Here are just a few examples of how it can work. Increased Efficiency and Relevance MuleSoft, […]

improve sales process concept

How Can a Knowledge Management Platform Improve Sales?

Your leads care how quickly someone responds to their questions and concerns. A knowledge management system allows sales representatives to pull up the information right away and reply on the spot, instead of waiting to hear back from someone else in the company. Access to a knowledge management platform helps get the right information in […]

Infographic: Why Your Sales Team Needs Knowledge Management

We’re excited to share a new infographic on the benefits of smart knowledge management for enabling your sales team. Click on the image below to open a larger version of the infographic for easy viewing. To learn more, check out our white paper,“How a Knowledge Management System Empowers Your Sales Team.” It explores the challenges today’s […]

Looking to Replace Your Old Intranet?

I recently read a recent CMSWire piece, “Are ESNs Just Intranets in New Clothing?” with interest since Bloomfire has been deployed as an intranet replacement by some of our customers. The gist of the CMSWire article is that the term “Enterprise Social Network (ESN),” which was at the height of it’s popularity in mid-2012 according […]

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Bloomfire to Turn Up the Heat at ITEXPO

CEO Bob Zukis weighs in on the trends and technologies shaping business knowledge leading up to ITEXPO, Aug 12-14, from mobile to wearables to gamification Bloomfire to Turn Up the Heat at ITEXPO

Meet Luis Suarez

This post is part of a series of profiles on some of our favorite knowledge management, social business, and employee engagement experts. Tell me about your career. I started working at IBM back in January 1997 in the Customer Service area for the mainframe and after 4 years working there I then moved into the field of […]

KMWorld 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management

We’re thrilled and honored to be included once again in KMWorld’s annual list of 100 companies that matter in knowledge management! KMWorld 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management

Business-Software Names Bloomfire Top Knowledge Management Software Solution

The business software review site includes Bloomfire among the top 5 knowledge management software providers. TOP 5 KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE REPORT Comparison of the Leading Knowledge Management Software Vendors 2014 EDITION © 2014, Business-Software.com. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. The bigger your company gets, harder it is to keep, organize, and distribute the knowledge it […]

SMS Masterminds Centralizes Licensee Communications with Bloomfire

SMS Masterminds helps small businesses better engage with their customers through the use of SMS/text messaging, social media and email. Their ‘Loyalty Rewards Kiosk’ makes it easy for customers to check in using their phone number, earning rewards with each visit, and get notified with offers from the merchant. Based in San Luis Obisbo, California, […]

Meet Jack Vinson

This post is part of a series of profiles on some of our favorite knowledge management, social business, and employee engagement experts. Tell me about your career The long form is best found on my blog on my about me page. The short form is that I trained as a chemical engineer (PhD), worked in the pharmaceutical industry, […]

retiree helps younger employee retain institutional knowledge

How to Retain Institutional Knowledge When Employees Retire

There comes a time in everyone’s career when they hang up their hats and head for the white sandy beaches of retirement. Which is great for the retiring party but not so great for the company they are leaving behind. When a veteran employee leaves a company, it is hard to gather and transfer all […]

Meet Jose Carlos Favero

This post is part of a series of profiles on some of our favorite knowledge management, social business, and employee engagement experts. Tell me about your career From my early days at college I was intrigued by Knowledge Management and the possibility to be able to steer forward any organization by securing the means to identify, capture […]

Got Issues? A Knowledge Base Can Solve It

Do you find yourself complaining of ‘information overload’? Do you have a hard time finding information when you need it? If so, you aren’t alone. Let Bloomfire be the knowledge base that solves your information problems. View Larger

Knowledge Management: The New Way

Traditional knowledge management tools leave a lot to be desired. Fortunately, Bloomfire is chock full of great features which make it a revolutionary knowledge base. Which would you find most useful (traditional KM or Bloomfire)? Let us know in the comments section. View Larger

Information Overload: Too much is too much

Do you ever watch an episode of Mad Men and get jealous? No, I’m not talking about the mid-day drinking or the afternoon naps, I’m talking about the amount of input we have now compared with what our parents, and our grandparents were expected to take in at the office. Every modern worker suffers from […]

Let Your Employees Work Whenever, Wherever

With more Gen Y workers in the workforce than ever before there is a demand for a different ‘9-5’ work pace. They want a less traditional workspace and work schedule. With the help of our smart phones we are constantly connected, 24/7/365, so employees are flexible and are working when not at the office. Now […]

worker looking bored is sign of employee disengagement

Is Employee Disengagement Costing Your Company?

Would you be surprised to learn that employee disengagement is costing the United States $370 billion annually due to productivity loss? It’s crazy to think that employees who hate their jobs are actually costing the US money. On a positive note, employees who love their jobs and who are highly engaged help save their company […]

An Innovative Approach to Knowledge Sharing

Solving sales problems and managing information with an easy to use interface. Read the review of Bloomfire on GetApp.com. An Innovative Approach to Knowledge Sharing — Review of Bloomfire

Don’t let questions go unanswered

We heard a lot of Bloomfire users love the Q&A engine in our product, but that keeping track of questions was a little tricky. We think we’ve solved this problem with a recent release. Now, you can keep questions relevant and upfront so that the don’t fall between the cracks. That is just one of […]

Webinar: The Knowledge Explosion

Want to increase sales, improve communication efficiencies within your organization, reduce costs, and achieve better results? Join us on Wednesday December, 19 2012 at 10am CST for a webinar discussing The Knowledge Explosion. The webinar will be held by Modern Analyst and is free to register. Also, you will receive a FREE copy of our […]

Social is the Future of Business

There are more and more studies being produced today regarding social within the workplace.  No organization is the same, therefore their social practices are different. But each report up to a 12% increase in productivity when they successfully use social learning solutions.  According to IBM’s Institute for Business Value, 46% of companies have made investments […]

New Feature – In App Notifications

We have great news; we now have in app notifications. We know, how awesome! If you are someone who receives an overwhelming amount of emails everyday then you might have turned off your email notifications within your Bloomfire. Now, you will never miss a thing with the new in app notification feature. You will always […]

Be a [generous] leader every minute of every day

Leadership isn’t just a title; it is something that is earned. There are three keys to being considered a true, generous leader. 1.     Be honest. When you are honest with your employees they are more than likely going to reciprocate that honesty. If you are seeing hard times in the company, tell your employees. Let […]

Nominate us for Best Collaborative Consumption Service for the 2012 Crunchies!

It is that time of year again! We would love your support in nominating us for Best Collaborative Consumption Service for the 2012 Crunchies. You can vote once a day, everyday until December 6, 2012. Tell us in the comments section below why you think we would be a great fit for the award! We […]

hands holding note to say thank you to your employees

How to Say Thank You to Your Employees for Their Hard Work

In the spirit of the holidays, we would like to remind employers why they should thank their employees on a regular basis. Many employers forget that their employees are the reason for their company’s successes, or sometimes failures. Oh, and by the way, building a happy company has direct results on building a profitable company. […]

coworkers arguing and having collaboration problems

4 Steps to Prevent Collaboration Problems at Your Company

Working with a team is inevitable in most work environments, but it isn’t always a puppies and roses experience. You may find yourself getting frustrated with certain team members who have very different working styles, or groups who just can’t seem to agree on the direction of a project. This means you need to get […]

Why Eating Your Own Dog Food is a Good Thing

  Really great chefs always taste the food they prepare before serving the meal to their customers.  They are constantly refining their recipes and don’t go on faith that the exact same combination of ingredients will always yield the same results.  In some cases, the flavors from a known recipe will vary given the freshness […]

About.com Features Celebrating Home and Bloomfire

Celebrating Home has a thriving online community of 50,000 members being fueled by Bloomfire. Check out what Kenny Mobley has to say in his interview with About.com.

young workers in break room have ideas about managing millennials in the workplace

Managing Millennials in the Workplace: 4 Changes to Make

Millennials (also known as Generation Y) have been labeled as needy, spoiled, impatient, entitled (and the list could go on). However, there seem to be many traits that workers from all generations can learn from them. And yes, they are actually positive lessons that could benefit your workplace in many ways. If you’re managing Millennials […]

Don’t Forget Your Customers

In today’s world when you purchase any type of product, you will most likely have access to stellar (or not so stellar) customer service.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if there were a way to find all of the answers to your questions without ever having to pick up a phone or wait for an email […]

Something Old, New and Borrowed

There’s a lot of talk out these days about social enterprise, learning management systems, content management and knowledge sharing.  Consequently, there’s a lot of research and study that goes into understanding how people learn and how they learn most effectively.  As we evolve as a society, technology, tools and the ways we use them change, […]

businesswoman shares sales training ideas to group at table

5 Effective Sales Training Ideas

Sure, the most important aspect of effective sales training is getting your staff trained. Of course, this sales training is only effective if you actually get people to listen to as well as comprehend the information being relayed to them. Whether you are training new sales staff or making current staff members aware of new […]

Engaging Millenials: Student and Organizational Development Administrator Explains

Sophie Carter works at Komatsu Australia as the Organizational Development Administrator. She works with third party vendors to ensure the eLearning needs of the business and its employees are met as well as identifying new ways to include technology in the professional development of the company as a whole. Sophie is also currently completing her […]

Combating the Loss of Knowledge and Experience When an Employee Leaves

Kristie Swenson works with Seed & Crop Protection Products for WinField Solutions, a Land O’Lakes, Inc. company. Her job encourages her to partner with cooperative agronomists and producers in order to share agronomic insights and to ensure understanding of product placement and usage. Agricultural literacy and youth development are two of Kristie’s passions. Kristie can […]

Online Collaboration Can Help Cross Cultural Boundaries

Brooke Salisbury works in the customer service and support division at Microsoft as a Learning and Development Program Manager.  She has primarily worked as an instructional designer creating New Hire programs and improving the support experience of both consumer and commercial customers through the continuous training of Microsoft’s customer service agents.  To get in touch […]

The Updated Monster List of 111 Online Learning Resources

The Bloomfire team wishes you a happy New Year! May 2011 be filled with exciting learning, and may this list help us start strong. If you’d like to add your favorite resource, please do so by leaving a comment. Shameless plugs welcome! Instructional Design ID and other reflections The Writers Gateway: One Stop Resource for […]

HP Training Manager: How to Turn Training Seen as “Cost” into Training Seen as “Investment” (Interview)

VS Girish Kumar is the Center Training Manager in Hewlett-Packard’s (HP) Training and Knowledge Management department. He is responsible for being a change catalyst by managing new hire on-boarding and training, managing content from knowledge transfer to business-as-usual, and developing a road-map for knowledge management towards maturity. You can contact Kumar directly via Linkedin. Q. […]