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performing a knowledge audit

What Is A Knowledge Audit And Why Do You Need One?

Every day, your organization is building valuable knowledge and experience. But how well are you capturing and sharing it? As your knowledge and information continues to grow, so does the importance of developing a knowledge sharing strategy. The first step as you begin to execute your strategy is to take inventory of how knowledge is […]

insights teams need knowledge sharing platform

Four Features Insights Teams Need In A Knowledge Sharing Platform

Insights teams have the important task of making sure the information you publish is curated and that key stakeholders can find it. With new research created on a regular basis, traditional knowledge management practices only get you so far. The door is left open for information to get lost in translation, which causes stakeholders to […]

Improve customer insights strategy with knowledge sharing software

Enhance Your Customer Insights Strategy With Knowledge Sharing Software

When you examine industry-leading companies, you notice that each has their own recipe for success. But if there’s one thing that is critical to all, it is knowing and understanding your customers’ needs, wants, and expectations. According to Experian’s 2016 Digital Marketer Report, 38 percent of companies cite “knowing their customers” as their top challenge, […]

successful knowledge sharing

How to Implement Successful Knowledge Sharing: Part 1

The success of the famous crime-fighting duo Sherlock and Watson is dependent on their ability to share knowledge with each other. Do you think Sherlock ever solved a mystery by discovering a ransom note and forgetting to tell Watson about it? Do you think Watson ever found a footprint at the scene of the crime […]

knowledge sharing platform

Three Reasons Companies Resist Knowledge Sharing Platforms

Companies that haven’t implemented a knowledge sharing platform often have specific reasons for why they’re waiting. Maybe they don’t think their organization is complex enough to need one unified digital workplace. Or maybe they’re just afraid of the unknown. Here are a few objections from companies still shying away from knowledge sharing and collaboration tools, […]

wobbly Jenga tower representing traditional knowledge management problems

The Biggest Knowledge Management Problems (And How to Overcome Them)

The cost of knowledge management problems is familiar territory. Whether trying to find information after an employee leaves the company, or trying to manage files and content in a less-than-ideal system, the fallout of mismanaged information results in costly delays, lost sales, and hours of wasted time. With the growing popularity of knowledge management systems, […]