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7 Features of the Best Knowledge Sharing Solutions

Gone are the days of cluttered email inboxes, sifting through thousands files to find that one document you need, wasting hours of each work week searching for information, and desperately tracking down information as people leave the company. More and more organizations are turning to knowledge sharing solutions to promote collaboration and productivity in the […]

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Corporate Wikis Are Dead

In an era where new and improved knowledge sharing technology is constantly emerging and evolving, some companies still rely on a wiki to get their employees the information they need, exactly when they need it. Sure, at one point in time (long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away), wikis were the best available […]

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5 Ways To Increase Knowledge Sharing In Your Organization

Whether you have an unorganized heap of knowledge or a knowledge hoarding problem, many organizations fall flat when it comes to knowledge management. When individuals struggle to access information they need to perform their jobs to the best of their abilities, your company’s bottom line suffers. For those of you who are unfamiliar, knowledge hoarding […]

Encourage Knowledge Sharing

5 Ways to Encourage Knowledge Sharing Within Your Organization

Poor sharing skills were a problem for some in kindergarten, and they’re a problem for many today in the workplace. When individuals struggle to access the information they need because others are unwilling or lack the tools to share it, the whole organization suffers. This is knowledge hoarding. Knowledge hoarding causes distrust among employees, halts […]

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So, You Think You Want A Wiki

So, you think you want a wiki. You may be right. But we at Bloomfire think it’s only fair that you’re provided with all the information necessary to make the right decision for managing knowledge in your organization. And what better way to illustrate the differences between the two than with cheese? Think back to […]


The 2017 Two-Step: Sales Productivity Tools for Success in the Year Ahead

Thinking about new ways to boost sales speed and efficiency in 2017? Well, here’s something to ponder when you book a ride to the airport over the holidays: The fastest driver in the world won’t get you there in time just speeding from traffic jam to traffic jam – but a fast driver who also […]

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How Better Knowledge Management Improves Training

  There’s no denying organizations pour a large amount of time and resources into training new hires, but have you ever stopped to calculate just how much? According to the Association for Talent Development’s State of the Industry Report, organizations spend an average of $1,208 per employee on training and development and an average of […]

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How To Bring Content Back From The Dead On Social Media

Happy Halloween, everyone! Last week we discussed how you can curate content in your knowledge sharing community to make it easily accessible to those who need it to do their jobs. But the fun doesn’t stop there. What could possibly be more festive and spooky this Halloween than developing a content curations strategy for your […]

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3 Reasons Knowledge Management is Critical in the Healthcare Industry

Oh, healthcare… where to begin. We won’t attempt to delve into the infinite potential conversations that surround healthcare. We are not medical professionals or politicians. But we do know a thing or two about knowledge management. And if one thing is for certain, it’s that healthcare is a knowledge-driven industry. An estimated 324,824,350 people currently […]

Does Size Matter… in your Knowledge Sharing Community

Alright, we’ve all been wondering, and now it’s time to solve this mystery once and for all. Does size actually matter in your knowledge sharing community? We’re about to find out. First things first, let’s define size in the context of  knowledge management software (get your mind out of the gutter). Size refers to both […]

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How Your Internal Silos Make Life Harder For Your Customers

“I’m sorry, I can’t help you with that problem. Let me transfer you to another department.” *Cue eyeroll because now you have to repeat your story and account number, verify the last four digits of your social security number and date of birth, and answer security questions all over again. We’ve all been there. Every […]

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Drive Customer Success with Knowledge Management

There’s a reason you drag yourself to Starbucks every morning and pay over five dollars for an average cup of coffee (guilty as charged). You’re not just paying for the beverage; you’re paying for the experience. In the same way, customers have high standards for their customer experience. As technology continues to advance, shaping the […]

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5 Things We Learned From the Bloomfire User Conference 2016

This year our Bloomfire User conference was held at the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center. As a client success specialist, feedback is something that I am well accustomed to. I am always deep within the platform learning new and interesting things about technology. I talk with clients of varying technical abilities all day every […]

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Knowledge Sharing Solutions: Knowledge Base Vs Social Intranet

You know there is a communication problem with your team. Knowledge is siloed and experts end up devoting a large a part of their day answering questions. You know you need to keep your team connected and foster a positive, open culture. But how do you solve that problem? There are two distinct paths many […]

Seven Deadly Sins That Will Turn Your Knowledge Management System Into A Graveyard

One of the spookiest facts about knowledge management systems is the failure rate. It’s estimated to be around 50 percent. Even more discouraging, 75 percent of businesses abandon new knowledge management systems within three years. There are seven reasons that knowledge management systems become a graveyard of incomplete and outdated documents. Weak Implementation I worked […]

Blog Round Up: Content Curation & Creation

  For Bloomfire clients and those responsible for knowledgebases and intranets in general, having current, relevant content is important. We’ve gathered four of our recent blog posts on the topic to help you create and curate content that is engaging, helpful, and inspiring.   Curating Content For Your Intranet: Avoiding Pitfalls Adding curated information to your […]

Blog Round Up: Information Hoarding

Imagine a house filled with wall-to-wall cardboard boxes – this is what comes to mind for most people when they think of hoarding. But today, companies have hoarding problems of their own, and we’re not talking about bad filing systems. Most companies have problems with sharing information and making it easily accessible for others within […]

Measuring Employee Engagement in the Flow of Work

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post in response to a post by Josh Bersin on employee engagement. In his post, Bersin does a terrific job of arguing that employee engagement is paramount to company success and explaining what today’s employees need to feel engaged. At the end of my response, I suggested that […]

Why Practical Knowledge Beats The Training Manual

You know that the time and resources your company sinks into training new hires each year is costing you, but have you ever really calculated how much? Recent research conducted by the Association for Talent Development (ATD) found that organizations spend on average $1,798 for every hour of employee training. That’s a sizable investment, but […]

Improving the performance of your sales team

Using a Knowledge Base To Leverage Your A-Players and Share Information Across Your Sales Team

It’s often a couple of strategies, tactics, and habits that separate the A-Players and B-Players on a sales team. One of the challenges these teams face is how to leverage A-Players so they can effectively share their best-kept secrets. This starts with creating an environment where trust and collaboration are built into the culture. Knowledge […]

How Employees Want to Learn

Think about the two or three most meaningful learning experiences of your career. What did you learn? Where did you learn these lessons or skills and from whom? How did you come to realize that these would be among the most important learning experiences of your professional life? Chances are high that your top workplace […]

Today’s Lesson: Social Learning (Infographic)

We’re excited to share our brand new infographic on the benefits and value of social learning. Click on the image below to open a larger version of the infographic for easy viewing. To dig deeper, check out our white paper,“Social Learning and The Future of Work.” It discusses the value of social learning in corporate education […]

Webinar: Using Social Learning to Improve Knowledge Sharing

The most commonly used method of delivering learning is led by an instructor in a classroom. This method is employed to at least some extent by 95 percent of organizations. But what happens after the classroom? How do people find the information and knowledge they need to do their jobs? At the same time, organizations […]

Bloomfire Mobile App

Bloomfire Extends Real-Time Social Knowledge Sharing with New Mobile Apps

Dynamic, predictive apps connect people with the information they need from anywhere, at any time AUSTIN, Texas – May 15, 2015 – Bloomfire today announced the release of its newly redesigned mobile apps enabling users to share knowledge, learn and collaborate on the go. The new apps were unveiled at the 2015 Bloomfire User Conference, […]

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Show Your Work!

Two people I respect published books last year with the same title: “Show Your Work.” Austin Kleon is an Austin-based writer and artist who is the author of three illustrated books: Newspaper Blackout, Steal Like An Artist, and Show Your Work! Jane Bozarth, who we have profiled on our blog, is a writer for Learning Solutions […]

How to Encourage Employees to Share their Knowledge

If you are like many managers, you want to encourage your staff to document and share knowledge within the organization for the good of both current and future employees. The likelihood that they will do so depends on many factors, including their job role, the industry, the company culture, and the personality of the individual. […]

Sharing Knowledge: One of the Most Human Things we Do

There’s a lot of talk out these days about enterprise social networks, learning management systems, content management and knowledge sharing.  Consequently, there’s a lot of research and study that goes into understanding how people learn and how they learn most effectively.  As we evolve as a society, technology, tools and the ways we use them […]

Reduce Turnover with Effective Onboarding and Training

Training costs are spiraling out of control, and you’re not getting your money’s worth with today’s current methods of training. On average, companies spend $1,067 on formal training per employee per year.  And, in total, U.S. Businesses invest $125 billion per year in employee learning and training.(ASTD) This is a loss of billions of dollars in training […]

What Exactly is Sales Enablement?

Time is money to many people, especially sales professionals. If they aren’t closing deals they aren’t making money. Companies who provide their sales team with the appropriate tools to do their jobs see an increase in sales and productivity. According to the Aberdeen Group, companies who invest in sales enablement tools see a 71% increase […]

How to Retain Valuable Knowledge when Employees Retire

There comes a time in everyone’s career when they hang up their hats and head for the white sandy beaches of retirement. Which is great for the retiring party but not so great for the company they are leaving behind. When a veteran employee leaves a company it is hard to gather all of the […]

Back to School Means New Beginnings

As a kid, back to school meant a new beginning. It was a chance to get a fresh start and improve on whatever I may have failed at the year before. And let’s be honest – it meant cool new back to school gadgets. As an adult I don’t have the luxury of a fresh […]

Social Business Software: CISabroad Case Study – Sharing Knowledge Worldwide

CISabroad has successfully deployed a powerful knowledge sharing community to their employees across the country. Their employees are informing college students and faculty members on their education programs that spans throughout 40 countries. With Bloomfire, CISabroad employees are able to access the information they need while on site with the students and faculty members. Social […]

Award Winning Enterprise Social Network Powers Mason – McDuffie Mortgage’s Knowledge Sharing Culture

Mason – McDuffie Mortgage has successfully implemented their Bloomfire community as an internal knowledge sharing and collaboration tool. Bloomfire allows them to communicate in real-time across multiple time-zones. Mason – McDuffie Mortgage has seen a decrease in the amount of emails sent – instead their employees are engaging within their Bloomfire. It’s their ‘go-to’ for […]

Let Your Employees Work Whenever, Wherever

With more Gen Y workers in the workforce than ever before there is a demand for a different ‘9-5’ work pace. They want a less traditional workspace and work schedule. With the help of our smart phones we are constantly connected, 24/7/365, so employees are flexible and are working when not at the office. Now […]

Stop Costing Your Company Money

Would you be surprised to learn employee disengagement is costing the United States $370 billion annually due to productivity loss? It’s crazy to think that employees who hate their jobs are actually costing the US money. On a positive note, employees who love their jobs and who are highly engaged help save their company 5% in […]

Become a Valuable Asset to Your Company

Sharing knowledge amongst others within an organization has become a battle. People fear if they share what they know, they will no longer be a valuable asset to their organization. What they fail to realize is that sharing their knowledge earns them a sort of “social currency” which makes them MORE valuable to their organization. […]

3 Top Knowledge Management Tools – Trainingstation

Knowledge management tools have become a runaway new niche in the business software industry. With the need for better access of information with open search syntaxes, and the need for training to become more managed and accessible with less ceremony, this was just a matter of time. 3 Top Knowledge Management Tools – Trainingstation

Social Business is the Way of the Future

When I hear of companies restricting social media at work I am immediately brought back to my grade school days when ‘phones were not permitted in the class room’. You would get your phone taken away and sent to the principal’s office. So what happens when that unruly employee checks their Facebook from their cell […]

Never Be Left In The Dark

We live in a world where if ‘you’re early, you’re late’ – in regards to information. A video can go viral within seconds of posting and you’re behind the times of you weren’t one of the very first viewers. The same can be said about information. No one likes to be left in the dark […]

Team Knowledge Sharing: A Review Of Bloomfire by GetApp

Today, we review Bloomfire, Inc. company dedicated to team knowledge sharing. The big idea is to ensure that people who have questions are connected to those who have answers in an easy-to-use SaaS application. A team leader can create a personal Bloomfire with a customized URL, invite team members and start sharing tribal knowledge – […]

Bloomfire Realizes Record-Breaking Year, Inspires Knowledge Sharing for More Than 50,000 Users

AUSTIN, TX–(Marketwire – Dec 19, 2012) – Bloomfire, the company that is revolutionizing knowledge sharing in business, today announced it has achieved record growth for 2012. The success this past year was attributed to the company’s dedication to putting knowledge in the hands of employees all across the world. Bloomfire embraces… Bloomfire Realizes Record-Breaking Year, […]

Bloomfire Launches Knowledge Sharing On the Go With iOS App for iPhone and iPad

AUSTIN, TX–(Marketwire – Dec 19, 2012) – Bloomfire, the company that is revolutionizing knowledge sharing in business, today announced the launch of the Bloomfire iOS App for iPhone and iPad. The announcement and introduction to the App Store rounds off an exciting year of forward momentum and growth for the… Bloomfire Launches Knowledge Sharing On […]

Bloomfire Unites Cloud, Mobile, Social and Analytics In New Release of Its Next-Generation Knowledge Sharing Platform

New Capabilities Plus Integrations with Android, iOS and LinkedIn Make it Easy for Businesses to Create, Capture, Display, Save and Share Valuable Company Knowledge AUSTIN, TX – March 06, 2013 – Bloomfire, the company that is revolutionizing knowledge sharing in business, today announced a new version of its flagship service. Delivering new integrated mobile, social, […]

With 200 Customers on Board, Bloomfire Adds $8M for Knowledge Sharing Platform

Austin, TX-based Bloomfire is tackling knowledge sharing and content management for the enterprise, letting employees search for experts within their organization and find content relevant to their projects. Today the company is announcing that it has raised $8 million in Series A funding, led by Austin Ventures and Redpoint Ventures. With 200 Customers on Board, […]

Wikis: From the Beginning of Time

The very first version of a ‘Wiki‘ was introduced in 1945 by a gentleman named Vannevar Bush. Fifty years later WikiWikiWeb launches for the first time under the domain c2.com. As a result of the past work done in the ‘Wiki’ space we now have a revolutionary knowledge sharing tool. Bloomfire not only enhances human memory it connects the […]

Don’t Make Your New Hire Regret Their Decision

Remember the days of sitting through hours upon hours of training sessions with those TERRIBLE videos? Yes, the ones so outdated some of the clothes are now back in style. Unfortunately, people are still living that nightmare as you’re reading this. There are companies in existence today that still mandate the ‘new hire training’ that […]

Bloomfire Helps Companies Find the Knowledge Within

Bloomfire knows the value of content. The company allows you to build an online community and engage with your colleagues and customers through knowledge sharing. We sat down with Craig Melloy, CEO and co-founder of Bloomfire, to discuss the ins and outs of how companies can get the most out of their content both in-house […]

What does an engaged employee look like?

Employee engagement doesn't necessarily have a certain look but it does have a distinct feeling. Engaged employees feel they receive recognition often, work happily amongst a committed team, and their coworkers are more than just that, they are friends. Collaboration amongst employees is one of the best ways to determine if you have a fully engaged team. So look around […]

Infographic Fun! The Knowledge Generator

One of the top complaints amongst employees is the lack of tools needed to do their job, and do it well. Managers can actually create a knowledge generating powerhouse within their team by providing them with the right collaboration platform. Once they have access to such tool they can start cranking out powerful content, ideas, […]

An Innovative Approach to Knowledge Sharing

Solving sales problems and managing information with an easy to use interface. Read the review of Bloomfire on GetApp.com. An Innovative Approach to Knowledge Sharing — Review of Bloomfire

Healthcare – The Rise of Patient Communities

Social media and healthcare are rarely mentioned in the same sentence. However, 65% of physicians use some sort of social media daily for professional use.  Nearly half of all physicians  believe their patients would benefit greatly from some sort of social patient community. Allowing patients to self-serve in a community with information relevant to their needs could reduce the amount of time […]

Welcome Back to the Dark Ages, Yahoo

Yahoo’s recent announcement of banning employees from working at home has upset many, and rightfully so. Since Mayer’s took on the CEO role at Yahoo, she has set many precedents in hopes of turning around the Internet pioneer. However, her latest decision might rally a backlash that will cause more harm than good. Here are […]

The Knowledge Sharing Journey

On the journey to a true knowledge sharing culture, there are both milestones and pitfalls. Make sure you follow the map and realize knowledge sharing in a way you never thought possible. Follow the five milestones below and make sure to avoid any of the pitfalls. Once you are to the end you will receive […]

U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association Northern Division Streamlines Communications with Bloomfire

USSA Northern Division was challenged by getting volunteers the information they needed to ensure they were fully prepared for each task they were assigned. Bloomfire’s Q&A engine gives volunteers direct access to knowledge experts… The U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association Northern Division (“USSA Northern Division”) is a non-profit organization for alpine ski and ski racing […]

SXSW Panel: Declaring War on IT Turnover

Join our CEO, Craig Malloy, at this years SXSW as he discusses the ways to combat IT turnover in this ‘job-hopping culture’. Schedule | sxsw.com

Top 6 Tips for Enterprise Social Networks

Organizations struggle with how to effectively utilize their enterprise social networks. Follow the 6 easy steps below for an efficient and flawless use of your awesome social network tool.

Webinar: The Convergence of Formal Learning and Tribal Knowledge

Join Mike Cooke, CEO of Brandon Hall Group, and Paul Drexler, Account Manager, Global L&D at Bechtel, as they discuss how companies are working to tie tribal knowledge to a formal learning system. The webinar will take place on March 7th at 1pm EDT. The Brandon Hall Group and Bloomfire Present

A Very Long History of Mobile Learning

An infographic that covers a wide variety of mobile learning devices dating all the way back to the Abacus.

The cold hard facts about training

*** Infographic Statistic Resources *** • http://www.internettime.com/Learning/The%20Other%2080%25.htm#_Toc40161516 • http://www.trainingmag.com/article/training-magazine-ranks-2012-top-125-organizations • (ASTD) ASTD 2011 State of the Industry Report: ASTD’s Annual Review of Workplace Learning and Development Data – http://astd.org • Corporate Leadership Council Survey, 2011 

The 3 most important words of 2013

Ringing in a New Year means new trends, policies, and exciting buzzwords. For 2013 those new trends are projected to fall around social (already big, but in this case, social business), mobile, and especially collaboration. The ability to access any website nearly anytime because of the flexibility of mobile, is raising all kinds of questions. […]

Closing Out the Year With a Gold Medal

AUSTIN, TX–(Marketwire – Dec 27, 2012) – Bloomfire, the company that is revolutionizing knowledge sharing in business, today announced that the company has been awarded the Gold Award for Best Advance in Social Learning Technology from Brandon Hall. The award announcement rounds out a strong first year for the company,… Bloomfire Named a Brandon Hall […]

The things you learn in grade school

After reading a great article discussing employee engagement on Forbes.com, I thought it would be a great topic to hit on before the new year. Maybe some of you can even make new years resolutions around a few of the points below. If you judge your employee engagement within your organization by a refrigerator stocked with beer, […]

Social Technologies and Business: Trends, Market Forces

McKinsey Global Institute published a very comprehensive study this past summer in which they claimed that the use of social technologies within businesses has the opportunity for US$ 900 billion – 1.3 trillion of value creation. Social Technologies and Business: Trends, Market Forces

Continue to learn and share while on the go

Mobile is changing the way people interact. Nine to 5 is no longer the norm – employees are connected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With that, the way they share knowledge has to change as well. Today, we announced the release of our new iOS app for  Apple iPad or iPhone. You […]

Don’t let questions go unanswered

We heard a lot of Bloomfire users love the Q&A engine in our product, but that keeping track of questions was a little tricky. We think we’ve solved this problem with a recent release. Now, you can keep questions relevant and upfront so that the don’t fall between the cracks. That is just one of […]

Webinar: The Knowledge Explosion

Want to increase sales, improve communication efficiencies within your organization, reduce costs, and achieve better results? Join us on Wednesday December, 19 2012 at 10am CST for a webinar discussing The Knowledge Explosion. The webinar will be held by Modern Analyst and is free to register. Also, you will receive a FREE copy of our […]

Social is the Future of Business

There are more and more studies being produced today regarding social within the workplace.  No organization is the same, therefore their social practices are different. But each report up to a 12% increase in productivity when they successfully use social learning solutions.  According to IBM’s Institute for Business Value, 46% of companies have made investments […]

New Feature – In App Notifications

We have great news; we now have in app notifications. We know, how awesome! If you are someone who receives an overwhelming amount of emails everyday then you might have turned off your email notifications within your Bloomfire. Now, you will never miss a thing with the new in app notification feature. You will always […]

Powering the Knowledge Sharing Relationship for Celebrating Home

Celebrating Home is the largest party planning home-décor company in the United States, working with more than 50,000 designers from coast-to-coast. They had a challenge. We had a solution! They were in need of a content management solution for their ever-growing database of information. CELEBRATING HOME RALLIES AROUND BLOOMFIRE Celebrating Home, the nation’s largest party-plan […]

Be a [generous] leader every minute of every day

Leadership isn’t just a title; it is something that is earned. There are three keys to being considered a true, generous leader. 1.     Be honest. When you are honest with your employees they are more than likely going to reciprocate that honesty. If you are seeing hard times in the company, tell your employees. Let […]

New Feature – Answer Directly From Your Email

We are rolling out new features left and right around here. Last week we told you about the awesome new ‘Add a Weblink’ feature, which has been a hit. Now we have something equally as awesome to tell you about. This feature allows you to answer questions directly from your email. Yes, you heard right, […]

Nominate us for Best Collaborative Consumption Service for the 2012 Crunchies!

It is that time of year again! We would love your support in nominating us for Best Collaborative Consumption Service for the 2012 Crunchies. You can vote once a day, everyday until December 6, 2012. Tell us in the comments section below why you think we would be a great fit for the award! We […]

Why You Should Say thank you More Often

In the spirit of the holidays we would like to remind employers why they should thank their employees on a regular basis. Many employers forget that their employees are the reason for their company’s successes, or sometimes failures. Oh, and by the way, building a happy company has direct results on building a profitable company. […]

4 Steps to Prevent Killing Company Innovation

Working with a team is inevitable in most work environments, but it isn’t always a puppies and roses experience. More often than not you probably want to commit serious acts of crime on certain team members or you just flat out don’t care about the project the team is working on. This means you need […]

Why Eating Your Own Dog Food is a Good Thing

  Really great chefs always taste the food they prepare before serving the meal to their customers.  They are constantly refining their recipes and don't go on faith that the exact same combination of ingredients will always yield the same results.  In some cases, the flavors from a known recipe will vary given the freshness […]

About.com Features Celebrating Home and Bloomfire

Celebrating Home has a thriving online community of 50,000 members being fueled by Bloomfire. Check out what Kenny Mobley has to say in his interview with About.com.

Consider Giving ‘Gen Y’ What They Want

Generation Y has been labeled as “needy, spoiled, impatient, entitled, etc” (the list could go on). However, there seems to be many traits we can learn from them. And yes, they are actually positive lessons that could benefit your workplace in many ways. No grunting. The 4 changes, good or bad, that Gen Y wants […]

Don’t Forget Your Customers

In today’s world when you purchase any type of product, you will most likely have access to stellar (or not so stellar) customer service.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if there were a way to find all of the answers to your questions without ever having to pick up a phone or wait for an email […]

Do You Trust Your Co-workers?

  If you have never experienced a company culture where departments felt like silos, you’re lucky. Most of us can tell horror stories about Being the Last to Know or being in the dark about what goes on in other departments. Bloomfire is a tool for a knowledge sharing workplace, but what if people aren’t […]

You’re Out of Your Mind!

  Jay Cross, chair of the Internet Time Alliance in Berkeley, kicked off a meeting of the Chief Learning Officer Executive Network at Symantec in Mountain View, CA where he presented on Working Smarter in the Enterprise. His valuable study gives us insight into how  we learn and work, how we used to work and […]

5 Effective Sales Training Ideas

Sure, the most important aspect of effective sales training is getting your staff trained. Of course, this sales training is only effective if you actually get people to listen to as well as comprehend the information being relayed to them. Whether you are training new sales staff or making current staff members aware of new […]