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Sandhill: Leadership Skills Necessary for Reinventing a Company or Career

Kathleen Goolsby talks with Craig Malloy about his experience with leadership and reinvention, on Sandhill.com, an online destination for insights and business strategies for the software, cloud, mobile and Big Data ecosystem. “The world keeps changing, and our needs change too. So we have to reinvent ourselves,” says Craig Malloy, CEO of Bloomfire. Leadership Skills […]

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Encouraging Collaboration: How to Become Valuable at Work

Convincing colleagues to share knowledge across a team or company has become a battle. People fear that if they share what they know, they will no longer be a valuable asset to their organization. What they fail to realize is that sharing their knowledge earns them a sort of “social currency” which makes them more […]

Be a [generous] leader every minute of every day

Leadership isn’t just a title; it is something that is earned. There are three keys to being considered a true, generous leader. 1.     Be honest. When you are honest with your employees they are more than likely going to reciprocate that honesty. If you are seeing hard times in the company, tell your employees. Let […]