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student works on microlearning lesson with notebook and tablet

The Emergence of Microlearning and Why It Works

When you’re in the middle of a project – or just another chaotic day trying to get everything done – finding five minutes to spare can be asking too much. And when tracking down an answer or a how-to on that new program you’ve never used starts to consume huge chunks of valuable time, your […]

Letting Employees Choose Where and How to Learn

The idea that everything must be covered during onboarding has become outdated. Businesses can help new employees quickly transition into their positions by providing the most valuable information at the right time. Bill Cushard, head of training at ServiceRocket, argues that many businesses are trying to fit too much information into the onboarding period. “So […]

young woman studying five moments of learning need

Are You Meeting All 5 Moments of Learning Need?

Businesses value employees who are able to independently learn, make decisions, and perform their jobs effectively. In the past, traditional learning methods such as instructor-led training might have been satisfactory for setting employees up for success. This is no longer the case. Today, continuous learning during daily business activities is essential. It’s the fuel behind […]

Bersin: Why Companies Need a Chief Learning Architect

This is perhaps the most innovative period in learning technology since the word “e-learning” was first coined in 1998. How can you possibly keep up on all these amazing new solutions and bring them together into some form of an integrated learning portal for your company? Why Companies Need a Chief Learning Architect

2 Emerging Learning Trends Distilled from DevLearn 2010

We listening to over a dozen training professionals getting eLearning Guild certifications through our workshop. We spoke with several dozen training professionals who packed out my session, Internal Marketing 101. And we listened to nearly 100 training professionals who chatted with us at our expo booth. From those conversations, I’m hearing two learning trends: 1. […]

Engaging Millenials: Student and Organizational Development Administrator Explains

Sophie Carter works at Komatsu Australia as the Organizational Development Administrator. She works with third party vendors to ensure the eLearning needs of the business and its employees are met as well as identifying new ways to include technology in the professional development of the company as a whole. Sophie is also currently completing her […]

Collaborative Learning: The Seamless Integration of Learning with Work

Thomas “Tom” Reilly is chief operating officer of Family Office Exchange (FOX), overseeing daily operations and deployment of advanced digital systems that deliver FOX knowledge to members in new, more meaningful ways. He reports directly to Sara Hamilton, the firm’s founder and CEO. Before joining FOX, Mr. Reilly served as director of training and development […]

Online Collaboration Can Help Cross Cultural Boundaries

Brooke Salisbury works in the customer service and support division at Microsoft as a Learning and Development Program Manager.  She has primarily worked as an instructional designer creating New Hire programs and improving the support experience of both consumer and commercial customers through the continuous training of Microsoft’s customer service agents.  To get in touch […]

The Updated Monster List of 111 Online Learning Resources

The Bloomfire team wishes you a happy New Year! May 2011 be filled with exciting learning, and may this list help us start strong. If you’d like to add your favorite resource, please do so by leaving a comment. Shameless plugs welcome! Instructional Design ID and other reflections The Writers Gateway: One Stop Resource for […]

Clayton Christensen’s #1 Rule for Effective Teaching

  In a recent conversation with Clayton Christensen, he reminded me that people learn when they are ready to learn, not when we are ready to teach them. This comment is so true and applies to all aspects of learning from grade school to corporate learning to recreational learning. Have you ever tried to teach something to […]

Only You Can Start a Bloomfire

  What is a bloomfire? Bloomfire (blüm⋅fi(-ə)r) – noun A catalyst which ignites a desire to consume knowledge for one’s good The rapid development of a person or group A source of light and knowledge Recently someone brought to my attention the fire triangle used by practitioners of firefighting for understanding the ingredients necessary for […]