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7 Features of the Best Knowledge Sharing Solutions

Gone are the days of cluttered email inboxes, sifting through thousands files to find that one document you need, wasting hours of each work week searching for information, and desperately tracking down information as people leave the company. More and more organizations are turning to knowledge sharing solutions to promote collaboration and productivity in the […]

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How To Bring Content Back From The Dead On Social Media

Happy Halloween, everyone! Last week we discussed how you can curate content in your knowledge sharing community to make it easily accessible to those who need it to do their jobs. But the fun doesn’t stop there. What could possibly be more festive and spooky this Halloween than developing a content curations strategy for your […]

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What Is a Net Promoter Score and How Can You Improve It?

Have you ever recommended a company to a friend? Ever discouraged a friend from going with a certain company? Congratulations, if you were able to answer that question, you understand Net Promoter Scores! A Net Promoter Score, or NPS, is a metric used by marketing teams who are responsible for customer insights, customer support teams, […]

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Build a More Productive MDR Team Faster with Social Learning

There’s nothing like hiring a new market or sales development rep who’s ready to hit the ground running, only to have it take weeks or even months to get them up to speed and working productively. With an average MDR/SDR tenure of only a little over a year, it can seem like new hires are […]

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4 Change Management Best Practices for Knowledge Sharing

Okay, take a deep breath. If you haven’t already, you’re on your way to purchasing a knowledge sharing solution, and you’re likely choosing to do so for a variety of reasons. Looking into the future, you want to make sure you get the most out of your investment. Most often, organizations search for a solution […]

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How Can a Knowledge Management Platform Improve Sales?

Your leads care how quickly someone responds to their questions and concerns. A knowledge management system allows sales representatives to pull up the information right away and reply on the spot, instead of waiting to hear back from someone else in the company. Access to a knowledge management platform helps get the right information in […]

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Meet Eleanor Bowman, Bloomfire Ping Pong Shark

Welcome back to our employee spotlight series. Today, we’d like to introduce you to Eleanor Bowman, Director of Marketing at Bloomfire. This photo was taken at Great Hills Country Club, where she is a member. Eleanor often blows off steam by hustling colleagues at the office ping pong table.  Where are you from? I was born […]

Want More Productive Meetings and Better Performance? Tell a Joke!

Thanks to my joke-loving colleague Bheeshmar for sharing the results of a new study that shows the relationship between humor in team meetings and productivity. The study investigated the relationship between humor patterns in team interactions and team performance. So, lets take a break for a little marketing humor, shall we?! How many marketers does […]

Six Easy and Effective Ways to Use Video for Marketing

Video is the king of all media when it comes to potential reach. YouTube receives over one billion unique visitors monthly, more than any other channel except for Facebook. And according to Marketing Sherpa, embedding video in emails is said to boost conversion rates by as much as 50 percent. Many marketers are intimidated by […]

The Six Principles of Content Marketing to Drive Revenue

I recently came across an article that included an anecdote about a group of content marketers that don’t believe revenue is the ultimate goal of marketing. Beside the fact that these marketers may have been poorly hired, I wonder how many in other organizations understand the purpose behind content marketing and what it can do to influence the revenues of […]

Bloomfire Breaks Down Communication Silos at International Consumer Electronics Company

Jasco Products Company  develops, markets and distributes GE branded consumer electronics. The privately held company in Oklahoma City employs over 270 people around the world with offices in China, Atlanta, Arkansas and Oklahoma. Information Siloed in Departments and Time Zones As Jasco grew, information became siloed within departments, which affected the company’s ability to make informed […]

The 3 “How To’s” of Internal Marketing

1. How to Market Like a Politician Back when Ehlers ran for election, he went door-to-door to gave away 3000 spruce seedlings with simple instructions: “place on a sunny window sill and plant in November.” He knew that every day until election day, those seedlings would sit above the kitchen sink. Whenever somebody washed his […]

Web Design Consultant Makes the Case for Direct Marketing (book review)

Tiia Holder is a web design consultant for New York Life.  She designs and supervises the implementation of financial sites, which allows her to work closely with the project manager, product team, team leader and web developers of each project.  This involves complete understanding and the content must be appropriate interpreted with the user interface […]